A Short while ago I was invited to spend an hour with this guy on

“The Ron Shaw Show”.

Ron Shaw
Ron Shaw

What a wonderful hour it was.  We laughed and talked about many things.  I will be posting a link to his show and my interview shortly.  First I would like to introduce Ron to you, and this is for the folks out there who don’t already know and love him.

Ron Shaw is an Atlanta, Georgia, native.  He is a Retired Atlanta Police Officer who also holds a BA degree in English Literature from Georgia State University.  He is also an accomplished writer and Radio Show Host/on air personality.  Such a splendid, polite and honest man to spend some time with.

You can read more about Ron, in his own words, by visiting his site here:

About Ron Shaw

While you are there take a good look at Ron’s site and enjoy all the work he’s put into it.

Ron Shaw Media

Ron has published my books and I really urge you to check them out and buy as well.

Ron Shaw Books & Audio Books on Amazon

Author Ron Shaw on Facebook

The Ron Shaw Show on Facebook

Ron Shaw on Twitter

How can one simply say “THANK YOU” to such a wonderful person as Ron.  I am doing it the best way I know how, by dedicating a page on my blog to the man himself.

Thank you Ron for being such a gracious host.  I had a wonderful time with you.

And….Yes, I finally realized what “The Mister Big Project” was and now remember a particular case where it was used.  Thank you for that little bit of Canadian Education as well.

Ron is part of the “Artist First Radio Network” which you can visit  by clicking here:


As promised earlier here is the link to the show I was on :

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