What Lies Beneath by Crimson Quintessence

Behind shadows and sly smiles with cherry-red lips, it hides. Dark, with a hellfire spit, like acid for blood. Dancing around with the devil's tongue. Tomb Blood-thirsty blackness, fifty fathoms down. Death awaits. Trapped souls, food for an eternity. The gravy appearing like tar upon the surface, in the moon's light. What lies beneath,  hell... Continue Reading →

I Reside by Quintessence

A mirror before my body stands still, motionless and numb Eyes glare forward with hollow expressions A feeling of dread and the damned or comfortably numb in relevent perplexity. Loom the darkness, bare the soul Purloin the harrowing deterioration of the minds rationality discomfort of the silent hailstorm ill-fitting hallucinations Receptive to subterfuge from tumultuous... Continue Reading →

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