What Lies Beneath by Crimson Quintessence

Behind shadows and sly smiles with cherry-red lips, it hides. Dark, with a hellfire spit, like acid for blood. Dancing around with the devil's tongue. Tomb Blood-thirsty blackness, fifty fathoms down. Death awaits. Trapped souls, food for an eternity. The gravy appearing like tar upon the surface, in the moon's light. What lies beneath,  hell... Continue Reading →

IN OMINA PARATUS (Ready for Anything) by Crimson Quintessence & L.H Grey

Through trauma we all found a sisterhood of Spartan Amazon Warriors. We were all in limbo, lost and feeling alone but through our pain we have found a release and a new found enlightenment of being. We wanted what we stood for to mean something; something of value, something that mattered to just more than... Continue Reading →

Death – Another Free verse by Crimson Quintessence

Because I could not bleed for Death, it did kindly bled for me. Death, Death, every where, Yet not a drop to proceed. Pay attention to the perinatal postmortem, the perinatal postmortem is the most psychological inspection of all. Present, possible, perinatal postmortem. Does the perinatal postmortem make you quiver, as I? does it, do... Continue Reading →

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