End Game: A Verse-style story

The pictures, memories no-one misses her more than me The profile, created in immeasurable taste hidden treasures, mine to keep. They frantically search for the missing; my barbituate haze, tangled maze of clues left behind, taunts to the authoritative ones, it's a love affair you know, the stalker, the hunter, the evil that dwells within;... Continue Reading →

Methial the Deceiver

  Misleading in your false appearance Oh, you thought we didn't know Deluded in your credence Soul-smasher of the innocent Death Dealer Hell Puppet in denial sneaking into unwelcoming pastures your alter ego slithers around Cloak and Dagger swagger transparent wretch serpent of venomous tongue unpleasant unwanted wretched stench once thought to be a calm... Continue Reading →

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