Exposed by Crimson Quintessence 2020

The following content has been written for several reasons. The main reason is because there’s a couple of real despicable girls (who shall not be named but they know who they are) who have been continuously mistreating a lot of people, so my rage has been turned into this post. So, If people figure out who you really are, good, because it’s about time they knew the truth once again. You are exposed!!!

Are you ready to feel the beat of my tempo?

Good cause we’re about to read you for filth…

The glass case has shattered of the unnamed’s perfect little world has come crashing down around them. One can only spit out so much vile and obscene things before they’re caught, exposed and shut down. Stalk us if you will, it only proves we are right when we call you out for your crimes of lude and rude behaviour.

Been meaning to tell you that you just can’t stand the fact that you were caught and taught valuable life lessons. You keep coming back for more, why?, because you can’t stand the fact that we outted you for posting things you shouldn’t, saying things you shouldn’t, and generally being mean towards people but expecting sympathy at the same time. You try to follow us, get cut-off and follow our blogs. C’mon, be real and create your own work.

You followed my blog, again, just yesterday with your new name and blog site. Did you really think WP doesn’t inform me? Just what is it that keeps you coming back, the truth? I am what I am and I won’t change for anyone. I know how to deal with life and I’m not afraid to make my point of view known. I stand by what I say, I hold my own, and I stand up for my true friends. Don’t care if I have an audience of one or many. Touch just one soul and you are a success. What you said mattered, stung or struck a truth with them they didn’t want to face, and that makes you clear and sincere. You probably opened someone’s eyes to something for the first time. Those are the facts. I have clarity with myself and I’m not looking at becoming anything else. Being away from you, we feel freed of all the bullshit and negativity.

It’s refreshing to expose those who slither around trying to bring others into their misery. No-one wants negativity in their lives but there are those who make negativity their catalist for a daily ritual of mud-slinging at others. You say so much when you’re high, you lose control of your own mind. You make your days a complete hell. You don’t even know yourself. There are days we ignored what you did but, really, we should’ve kicked your ass instead. But, We have no faith in you, you’re out of touch with reality and only you can fix yourself. We can’t be bothered with evil and unstable people. You need to pick yourself up and clean up your messes, and stop being stuck a cold heartless bitch to other people. You really need a muzzle most days. We see you with our own eyes and you are a fowl vermon who’s been exposed again and it’s driving you crazy. You’ve fallen down to ashes. For some reason you choose wrong over right on a daily basis. You want to stay blind to your actions. Is the pain of others your pleasure? Are you lonely?

You  blame everyone else for your misery but you are the cause of it all. You go left, we’ll go right. You can jump, you can wave, and you can shout but we don’t care to notice you. There’s a hole in your heart and it tears you apart. The clock ticks its time and you still can’t find yourself without tearing down someone else. You can try to walk in our shoes but you can’t. Unsteady on your feet you fall every time you try. We can’t even pitty you, you’re a lost cause. Choosing to seek  your inspiration for writing by stalking our pages, so unoriginal. You can’t be down with girls like us. We’re champagne on ice. You’re just ice, melting under the salt off our boot heels. All we are is everything you want to be but can’t. Live in your delerium. We hear it’s  very cold there.

There’s no passion in your cold dead eyes. We’re marching to the beat of our own drum and we’re good with that. There’s no-one by your side, you’re just sick.

No feeling for you. Your train has finally tipped on it’s side. You can’t touch us now, there’s no feeling left. If you think you’ll win us back, Don’t hold your breath. You tried to lure us back with fake apologies but those days are gone my friend. We’re not coming back so really, move on and don’t look back. We’ve got absolutely no feelings left.

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From the Qunitessential vaults 2020
from the crimson collective vaults 2020

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