Arthur’s Real Tumor is an Abscess of his Mind by The Collective

The following content has been written for several reasons. The main reason is because there’s a real despicable guy named Arthur (not really his name) who has been continuously mistreating a lot of people, so my rage has been turned into this post to make me feel better. So, If people figure out who you really are, good, because it’s about time they knew the truth once again. You are exposed!

So Arthur, what will you self diagnose today?

Leading your flock like your prey?

Since we’ve known you seven years on, you’ve had quite the list of ailments we’d say.

First, you feared schitzophrenia, then you were thrown from your marital home.

You cried, I have to go away for a while. But it wasn’t voluntary, was it?

You stabbed yourself in the neck with a pen, so you say.

But, it does explain a three day absence.

Seventy-two hours is the average psychiatric hold, right?

Now, you claim you come from a place of love, right?

But you wear your lies like a well fit glove.

Next, came depression.

Anyone would be depressed after their wife kicked them out and threw all their shit on the lawn.

But, let’s be clear and not forget why, Sarah said it was because you chose drugs over your son.

“Has anyone seen my daddy? I’m hungry but he spent all our money on drugs.”

Just like that the depression was gone and all of a sudden you had COPD and had to give up smoking before your lungs gave out.

Well, that’s what you told all of us. Wasn’t it?

And again, months later the COPD seemed to go away miraculously, just like the depression.

How amazing, We didn’t know lying was a cure.

After the COPD it was PTSD,

yet non of us could ever figure out the major trauma that caused it because any time someone asked you evaded answering the question. The only answer you ever gave was ask anything you want to my friends I’m an open book.

But still, no actual answer ever came.

Once that one played through you started to stew.

What else could take its place?

Ah yes, here it was, a new ailment: Chantix made you suicidal.

Milked that one for several weeks.

In actual fact you went on yet another bender of, let’s tell the truth now, cocaine.

Withdrawl sucks when you run out, doesn’t it?

Then it was a lung infection with a side of depression.

Again, it was on, and just to gain the sympathy posts flowing on your social media.

Running back and forth with all the “I need you now more than ever” messages.

Stupid, we all fell for the lies. For a while. Until we started talking to each other and wow, wouldn’t you know, we started to see you for what you really were.

And when you nearly got caught by all of us, numbering eleven at the time.

You pitted us against each other to fight with each other and thought you escaped being caught.

Some disappeared and some stayed behind to lend you support, so you thought.

But, well you should know , care for you we did not.

Keeping control was the plot.

Let’s keep a wide eye on this despicable guy.

So no other victims are sought.

You just couldn’t help yourself and kept hunting the women. Like the OCD you said you had collecting things like chocolate bars etc.

Gathering more as they slid into your path.

Pulled them all in by getting them to open up about all their troubles, just like you did with each one of us.

You’d watch the interaction for a while and when a personal reveal came about you’d slyly introduce yourself.

Write for me.

Write with me.

I’d love to collaborate with you.

You are an amazing woman.

I can totally relate to you.

I’d love to use your artwork on a piece I’m writing.

You are my Twin Soul.

We are Twin Flames.

One by one you started building up a new group of ladies to control and do your bidding like minions. Remember that one time you told Shawna you were like a god with nymphs at your feet worshiping you.

We’ve watched them all come and go and now you are at it again.

By the way, when they leave you, they come to The Collective, for safety, support and true, real, crystaline clarity to what you really are.

We are a splendid family of sisters. Spartan Amazon Warrior Sisters. We live the Warrior Ethos.

You’ve destroyed your own family. Been blackballed from your son. Destroyed other people, mostly women via the guise of wanting to create a writing community where no judgements be made.

You destroyed a movie script that you never should have touched or been part of.

Yet you and you alone judged every single one of us. You exploited our illnesses. You mimiced our illnesses. Took them for yourself and used our life stories to write stories of your own.

You used harsh and controlling language any time we went against you or challenged what you were saying.

You stole stories and poems from some of us and made them your own posts and posed as the author.

Then you had the nerve to say that we were disloyal ones.

You name-called but you were careful about it.

You never did it in public, only in private messages, video chats and messages to others.

You called us disloyal, crazy, needy and obsessive.

You had a temper tantrum each time one of us called you out. Then the posts would start. “I shouldn’t have to defend myself” and “I show nothing but love and light”

Now, you go one step further with the dramatics and block us. A laughable offense.

How long do you think those lines will last with the others?

You are the exact opposite of love and light.

You are darkness, a blackened soul. Tainted by your own ego.

You come from a place of hatred, paranoia and control.

And, when you lose control, you panic and re-write your entire blog. Pick out an old piece re-word it gain new sympathies from your newest female followers.

You mold them to do your bidding, defending you publicly while boosting our already over-inflated ego.

You make them your minions, and they are totally blind to how you do it and don’t catch on for a while.

Now, let’s see the last conversation we had back in April/May 2019, shall we. I was scolding you for issuing a direct threat, in Dutch no less, to a women who never once had a conversation with you, but you and your paranoia just made an assumption about her and your ex.

You said to me posted “that picture” on Face Book just for a few minutes as I know she is watching and I wanted her to know that you can’t mess with people like that. Took it straight down afterwards. Point was made, for a reason. And it has been very much a game.”

DUDE!!! jokes on you, she doesn’t even know you exist. Never has. They haven’t spoken in a few years. Your paranoid brain created something that wasn’t there. Isn’t cocaine wonderful?

You destroyed your relationship all by yourself with your big mouth and negativity. Surprised she figured you out all on her own? You really shouldn’t be. But it’s okay, she’s with us now and has been since she left you.

What was the picture he posted, you ask? He posted a train schedule with I’ll see you soon attached to it. The location: from his place to hers.

This was a direct threat and he only took it down after he got caught by us.

It was accompanied by a piece on his blog, you should all check it out.

He called it a “rite of passage” titled it “Checkmate

I read it and immediately asked him what kind of war was he raging?

His reply was “That was closure. The part at the end I will remove as it has served its purpose.

Then went on to say, once again, he was sick, with the ailment of the week. “Lungs are starting to give out, “been in hospital the past four days, not got any fight left in me, not for directing towards those I love unconditionally. Love, trust, loyalty and respect – these are my caliber. I’m not well and there is no getting better. that’s all I wish to share as I wish to deal with this one thing my way, with dignity. Have no need for material things any more. Can’t deal with this right now, I’m in pieces and still trying to process the news I just received. I’m in a really bad way and this is more than I can take.”

He hinted around he was dying you see.

It went from there to a video chat where he lead me to believe he had some sort of brain tumor and was dying. Funny, he still lives and looks perfectly fine. He loves putting himself of those video posts so everyone can see him you know. He had a 5 year plan, Seven years ago to be in LA by now staring and filming in movies. Living in a big house with all of us. Yeah, it does sound like some kind of cult thing doesn’t it.

Any way, the video chat lasted 19 minutes 52 seconds and he managed to switch a scolding into an I’m dying and “not sure how much time I have left on this mortal coil” thing. “I just want to leave my site, my legacy for my son so he will be proud of me”.

Feel sorry for me, be sad and cry for me. So typical, this is just what a Narcissist, sociopath does. PAY ATTENTION LADIES!!

His latest ailment is that he has self diagnosed himself as a little Autistic.

JFC *eyerolls* from us all.

Remember Arthur, your continuous lies are the real tumor here. An abscess of your own brain!

STOP! misleading and misguiding unsuspectful ladies.



from the true crimson collective vaults 2020

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