Through Thick or Thin


Daily stresses are murder on the body and emotionally draining.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of things. So have my friends and aquaintances.  We all go through things on a daily basis.  For some it could be marital stress, others job stress and most of us go through both at one time or another.

We support our friends when they go through angst but why do we not give ourselves as much attention.  I think we are just predisposed to help others before we help ourselves. We are just wired that way.  It makes us feel good to make others feel good and that gives us fuel for survival. But what I don’t seem to understand is how some people expect us to take sides in any given situation.  I know how to listen to my friends when they need to vent.  Holding what they are venting as sacred information and keeping it to myself is something I take pride in.  Sometimes we may feel stuck in the middle but really to be a true friend you need to take a seat and thing responsibly.

Now when it comes to taking a side between an aquaintance and a friend.  I will always back my friends.  Ride or die, that’s me.  Friends share intimate details of their lives with each other and that is because they know it stays in the vault.  I have an intimate group of friends and we may not live next door to each other we are ride or die friends.  We’ve all had discussions and sometimes arguments but we work it out. Because we know how passionate each one of our personalities are.  Me love passionately and we fight passionately.  That’s just how we roll.

A ride or die friend is also the truth teller and we will tell each other exactly what we think.  Why lie or sugar coat anything.  We know it is coming from a good place either side of give or receive the information is the same.  Give someone enough time to process things and they realize that hey, you know what you were right.  Damn you for being right.  I wanted to fight and you went and got all nostalgic on me and I had to stop and think about what you said.  I really hate it when you’re right you know. Sounds familiar doesn’t it.

Friends see the down and dirty that goes on and if we agree, no one on the planet will ever change our minds.  Thus, we all get thrown into the guilt by association bucket.  Oh well I say.  I’ve been working on me for the past year and I mean really working on me.  Sometimes I just have to step back and stay away from things.  I learned how to meditate in the past year and a half and it is amazing.  I also took up journaling.  I have a morning side-kick journal and a gratitude journal and I am into posting daily inspiration quotes on my Instagram.  I have 4 apps that I use daily.  Daily Inspiration Quotes, Enliven, Latin Quotes and Inner Peace quotes.  Learning about self discovery is imperative in daily survival especially for those like me who suffer from Generalized Depression and Anxiety Disorder, amongst other things. It helps us learn to deal with daily stress and our mood swings in a healthy way.  And remember, it only takes two weeks to form a habit.


My Battle Call



Ride or Die kind of friend, that’s me.



Crimson Vaults 2020


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