IN OMINA PARATUS (Ready for Anything) by Crimson Quintessence & L.H Grey

Through trauma we all found a sisterhood of Spartan Amazon Warriors.

We were all in limbo, lost and feeling alone but through our pain we have found a release and a new found enlightenment of being.

We wanted what we stood for to mean something; something of value, something that mattered to just more than ourselves. As we came together, one by one, our goals started to manifest into a Universal Collective. A collective of self-awareness and a journey we now travel together. No more will be be alone, no more will our suffering stand for nothing, for we, the Spartan Amazon Warriors stand up for ourselves and for each other.

The Warrior Ethos of our spartan sisters near and far will be a testament of our strength, our adversity and our shield of the sisterhood we have melded together because the universe said now is the time, time to heal, time to grow, time to set ourselves free.

Even though we have a lot going on in our lives we always find the time for each other, may it be first thing upon waking or in the middle of the night, we are there, giving support, being an ear for one another to vent frustrations out into the atmosphere, we all speak the language. We brandish the sword and shield for each other and stand by each other’s side. Come-what-may. 

We are not famous, we do not seek fame. We are a collective, and we will protect each other to no end.

It has been years in the making, almost as if our spirits called to each other during the full moon, when we all asked the Universe to give a positive sign for where our journey would go in our next steps.

Portrai of mystic elf woman with sword, armor and tattoo on her hand.

We are led by our dreams, our creativity and our passion as it flows through us and leads us to new and brilliant ideas.

We are a constant with each other and we accept all our imperfections as part of our spiritual beings and not flaws for others to critizise.

We bring peace into moments of chaos. We are in control of our thoughts and our emotions. We are at peace with ourselves and surround ourselves with people who bring out the best in us.

We are where we are, and it’s okay!!

by Crimson Quintessence and L.H. Grey 2019


Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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