The Tempest Shadow: A Dark Poem by The Asylum Sisters @RealJillyG and @PhoenixFiery7

The Tempest Shadow

Here I lay, drifting off, the heaviest thoughts weighing down upon my chest, like melted steel. The pain inside my head stings like a thousand blades piercing my skull. Thoughts of you and the lash of crucifying words spit out  at me like rusted nails gouging my pelt.
The sound of slow dripping slamming into my skull, the crimson drips a crushing grip as each one falls. The tears of flesh across my chest, the electric string of bone as it gleams in the moonlight.
I insist on defying you on my terms and in turn you punish me with plaguing stealth of the evil inside you.
Grasping, rasping of burdened breath of dragons’ fire inside my chest. When in fact the evil inside is what remains, the steel of cold hard truth, the eternal torment of the fight the evil that is, resides in you. Twisting and taunting of your fate, struggle now I enjoy this plight.
Show yourself, evil and vile dark mass.  You covet my soul like the weak covet strength, like the poor covet riches. Appear to me now, manifest your truth as I stand before you, a bare and broken spirit searching for my center of gravity. Darkness shrouds the night sky and…..
How much pain and struggle will you bare? I see rarity here in your will. See now the spark, your choice it’s your fate to make. Slowly with charring embers at my fingertips penetrating your shattered soul, strangle it, feeling it quiver in my claws. Choose your weapon, let’s be clear.
It’s from, this fear inside me. Nothing is clear but the sound of a voice that rocks my soul to sleep. Come at me as you will, but I will feel nothing as you strike me. Numb to the core is my shell but my soul is secure with him. He is the air that I breathe and you, the hell I fear.
My stroke, gnashing at your throat. Oh, my sweet and strong one, as always true, where this resolve he has in you. I’ll take your stand and still my hand for your still young and this time, only begun. In your soul there will always be a little twitch as I reside inside, an ache…
You may have held me captive, submissive and weak but he unleashed me from your restraint and awoken in me what I momentarily found near death’s door. He is the one my soul has sought after for so long and you, my soul’s warden, hold me captive and away from humanity’s splendor.
Rose, a viral warrior in your depths, revel in your momentary still. I’m as patient as your will. Remember me in every breeze, every shiver, every silver drop of rain. Feel inside your mind a twist of pain. For I’ll never leave you, when he does, I’ll tear and rip your soul apart.
I run into the night, blinded by the pouring rain, blood-soaked and reveling in pain. My scars torn open and spewing crimson poppies all around my getaway tracks. Screams, inside my head as I dash off into the night. No direction, my internal compass ascue and defiant of my will.
Bare feet slamming down gripping the soaked earth beneath, I feel claws of fire burning through my chest. Ribs cracking my beating heart torn held above my eyes. Every step I chase death an agonizing shudder shoots throughout my body, like a chainsaw swinging round inside.
The ground slick with leaves come crashing down on your knees. Watching as you shudder in your childish state. Creeping up beside you I feel your fear. Reaching out I catch your hair. look into my blackened eyes, kneeling close to hear you whimper…
My hair is torn from its roots, leaving a gaping hole, blood running down my back like a river.  I find the strength to rise to my shaking stems and plummet down the hill towards the white water.  I cannot scream, he’ll find me.  I cannot breathe.
The stench of relentlessness hovers over head, disgust repulsion in my fear lingers, do I face this beast head on? My mind spiraling the sticky stream of blood congealing on my flesh as I sit waiting…
I can hear his footsteps coming after me, heavy and vengeful. They ring inside my head like thunder clapping from the darkened swelling clouds in the night sky.  My heart pounding to the same rhythm, I hold back blood-curdling screams as my foot catches a tree stump and I fall.
Then you are upon me like a wildebeest. The knife plunged into me like animalistic tusks of a wild boar.  I am split open, gutted, raw, bleeding, now my pale skin becomes cold, clammy, my heart rate weak, pulse fading. light-headedness, dizziness, confusion.
In deaths grip I go unto the fade but I will not give you the satisfaction of knowing I am scared. He sill come to rescue me before my soul slips into darkness.
Death becomes me….I ascend to the further.



Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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