Death – Another Free verse by Crimson Quintessence

Because I could not bleed for Death, it did kindly bled for me. Death, Death, every where, Yet not a drop to proceed. Pay attention to the perinatal postmortem, the perinatal postmortem is the most psychological inspection of all. Present, possible, perinatal postmortem. Does the perinatal postmortem make you quiver, as I? does it, do... Continue Reading →

Anger – A Free verse by Crimson Quintessence

How happy is the inexpressible bitterness! Are you upset by how indescribable it is? Does it tear you apart to see the bitterness so indefinable? The slightest sympathy is not invisible! the slightest sympathy is exceptionally visible. Secret, silent, slightest sympathy. Down, down, down into the darkness of the slightest sympathy, Gently it goes -... Continue Reading →

The Tempest Shadow: A Dark Poem by The Asylum Sisters @RealJillyG and @PhoenixFiery7

The Tempest Shadow Here I lay, drifting off, the heaviest thoughts weighing down upon my chest, like melted steel. The pain inside my head stings like a thousand blades piercing my skull. Thoughts of you and the lash of crucifying words spit out  at me like rusted nails gouging my pelt. The sound of slow... Continue Reading →

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