Quintessential Truth #35 – Self Esteem


Self-Esteem:  confidence in one’s own worth or abilities – self-respect.  (pride – dignity – self-regard)

There are several steps to improving low self-esteem.  We all feel a little down and insecure sometimes.  The reasons we feel this way will differ from one person to the next.  but always remember, you can get yourself out of those feelings by trying the following:

  1. Positive self-talk
  2. don’t compare yourself to others
  3. Exercise..even just 10-15 minutes a day
  4. Don’t strive for perfection
  5. Don’t beat yourself up when you make a mistake.
  6. Focus on the things you can change…Let go of what you can’t
  7. Do thinks that you enjoy
  8. Celebrate small accomplishments

How can you be confident?

  • take control
  • groom yourself
  • dress nicely
  • think positive
  • get to know yourself
  • act positive

We all must learn to determine our own values and skills.

Learn to write out what your vision is for each day.  Then act upon it.

Create your accountability.

Put your negative thoughts aside.

There will be setbacks sometimes but learn to expect there could be and plan your next steps.

People with low self-esteem look at the world as victims.  This causes them to hold back, become withdrawn and non-assertive.  By doing these things they will certainly miss out on many opportunities and experience that will enhance their lives.  They begin to feel powerless and their self-esteem becomes lower and lower.  Now they are caught in their dark place.  This is where it becomes important for them to know about the tools to help themselves find a way out of that dark place.

I recommend writing out your strengths and achievements.  Friends are a great help and support system here.  keep your list close and with your affirmations, read them each day.

Learn to think positively about yourself and use all your affirmation words.

**Take action. Get it done. … **Face your fear. “The way to develop self-confidence is to do the thing you fear.” … **Understand in what order things happen. … **Prepare. … **Realize that failure or being wrong will not kill you. … **Get to know who you are and what you want out of life.









This has been your 36th Quintessential Truth.

until next time…


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Copy Right Protected
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