Quintessential Truth #34 – Affirmations


Over the past few weeks, I was in a Coaching Series class called “Life Management” coordinated by two wonderful ladies I will name for this purpose in sharing, Sunray, and Shine.  Together with our 2 facilitators, we were the “18” class.

Though sometimes loud and rowdy we managed to form a very positive, likable and caring group.

During one of our lessons, we learned about ‘ Affirmations ‘  :  the action or process of affirming something or being affirmed

:  emotional support or encouragement

Through this I learned common words that came up to me from the people I received them from:

  • generous
  • outgoing
  • understanding
  • helpful
  • kind
  • warm
  • gentle
  • organized
  • loving
  • nurturing
  • insightful
  • conscientious
  • self-confident
  • inspiring
  • nice
  • sociable
  • realistic
  • motivate others
  • smart
  • friendly
  • resourceful
  • keep order
  • likeable
  • bring light to the group
  • when you’re away or staying silent it doesn’t go unnoticed
  • trusting
  • a great listener
  • sweet soul
  • loving personality
  • ambition

These are words I’ve heard many times in my 48 years of life and I’m just now starting to have great value in them.  Especially when learning to use affirmations in my daily gratitude journal and to give affirmations to others when they are feeling down about themselves or their situations.

These words of emotional support and encouragement can keep someone pointed in the right direction and keep them positive and thinking about positive things instead of the negatives.

With support like this, we learn how to leave the negative feelings behind and move forward with everything we consider positive and emotionally gratifying.

We learn to say “Today, I choose me” and not feel bad about it at all.

“I love my body and all it does for me”

“My inner world creates my outer world”

“I am comfortable with myself”

“I am comfortable being alone or with people”

“I have the power to accept change”

“I also have the power to make change”

positive affirmations are a powerful way of liberating ourselves and others and sending positive vibes out into the universe.  They can be life-saving, energize you, ground you, motivate you and inspire you and others.

If you start each day off by saying out loud or writing down one or two positive affirmations for yourself, you set the right mood for your day.  This will help you build your confidence in yourself.

This has been your 34th Quintessential Truth.

Until next time…… Spirits up!


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Copy Right Protected
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