Phantom for Eternity by Crimson Quintessence


When you first glanced at me

I felt your stare

when you approached me

I wasn’t there

All those nights you looked at me

I thought you saw

but you couldn’t see me

you reached up to touch my face

but when you did the wind took my place.

I wanted you to see me

but it wasn’t meant to be

the day I died

you set me free.

I’m always there

you just cannot see

but you can feel me there

I feel your stare

your longing thoughts

I know you once cared

but alas, you are the one who killed me

and I wasn’t prepared

that is why I am no longer there

the one obsession of your stare.

I promise no questions

you’ll tell me no lies

how fast your heart beats

knowing exactly how I died.

I lived once

each night I cried

knowing all but still I tried

it all stopped that day,

the day I died.

I am now a supreme divinity

a constant reminder for you

I am larger than infinity

your phantom for eternity

I will haunt you most certainly

until you take your last breath irreversibly.



Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2016.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults

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