Quintessential Truth #31 – Making Lemonade


They don’t call this the Quintessential Truth for nothing.

When you ask the universe to give you answers it will in ways you never thought possible.

I’m about to go deep and let you know how I and my family escaped eviction and refurnished our living-room and dining room and bought groceries in the short span of three days after selling everything we had to get bills paid.

Many of you who know me,know that I have dealt with one disaster after another since February of this year.

I had become violently ill while on the job, had to quit that full-time job to recover, which took me three months.  Then spent the next three months searching for a new job, and I still am.  But I’m very hopeful.  I became very ill again six weeks or so ago with a massive infection from an abscessed tooth, though I am still recovering I am getting better every day.  I then lost my only income which was child support and the Ontario Child Tax Benefit for my youngest child who turned eighteen on August 10th. That was a $1,200.00 a month loss of income instantly so that left me penniless. My oldest daughter then lost her babysitting job which was paying for our monthly food bill and my youngest daughter lost her job which was helping us also.  There we were, facing eviction and losing everything we owned.  The rent and monthly bills were due for the month of September, which we are currently in.  I did something I never do, I relied on the promise of help from someone else to help with my rent which would keep the roof over our heads for another month and keep us from eviction, well that fell through leaving me just 3 weeks to figure it all out.  Panic set into all of us until five days ago when I discovered I could sell all our furniture for cash, pay our bills, rent and get food as well as refurnish our living-room and dining room from everything we had sold to make ends meet, replacing it all for next to nothing.  I learned to do this all on Friday night.  Today is Tuesday and things aren’t perfect but they are okay. We’re going to survive and tell you how you can do the same if ever you find yourself in this type of situation. It is my duty to do so and I feel it only right for I have been given a universal answer to the question “How are we going to get through this”.

My youngest daughter introduced me to an app on my phone where you post your items for sale, people come and pay you cash for them and pick them up.  In just three short days we saved ourselves. We sold our furniture and books, clothing, collector plates, artwork, cds, basically anything and everything we could think of.  Even stuffed animals, old video game systems and games and shoes etc.

We managed to make enough to cover what we needed and then buy food from the same app and got a free chair, a coffee table set, a genuine leather couch and love seat, a dining room set and two accent chairs to go with it thrown in for free.

The breakdown is like this:

The Chair – FREE

The 3 pc coffee and end table set – $30.00

The genuine Leather Sofa and Love Seat – $100.00 bartered down from $140.00

The Dining room set which consists of a table and 4 chairs – $45.00

2 accent chairs – FREE

A rolling Laptop desk – $20.00



There were other items that I had that I flipped to get the items above therefore never actually being out of pocket for anything I got.

When you flip something you pick it up for little or no money, clean it, fix it, fix it up and sell it for a cash profit.

The only financial help I had was two weeks prior from a dear friend who got me started with some cash for two weeks worth of food.  And that friend will get repaid as soon as I am in a working situation.

Today I got a call with a possible job opportunity, it may work out, it may not, I’ll let you all know real soon.  But I am hopeful, I refuse to give up when life gives you lemons find your best way to make as much lemonade as possible. I won’t let the down times of life defeat me.  I will keep fighting to survive.

It is possible to make it through with the help of a few friends and a little creative ingenuity and thinking, you can make it if you don’t give up and you try.

If you have to sell everything and start from scratch to keep the roof over your head and food on your table then that is what you do.  It’s just stuff, you can let it go and start over.  We did it.  I and my family are living proof and we haven’t given up yet.

I’ll never give up fighting for survival.

This has been your Quintessential Life Altering Survival Tip of Truth.

Until next time….




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2 thoughts on “Quintessential Truth #31 – Making Lemonade

  1. Holy Hell! Jilly, you have been through way too much, but with your spirit, I have no doubt that wonderful position is coming to you – because you deserve to live instead of simply survive.

    It’s great to hear how your family worked through the crisis, and I trust your bonds are stronger than ever before.

    I have been selling what I can on eBay for a major move across the country. Since then, I’ve had to dig deeper to sell additional items I had never expected to in order to intend an important venue. Yet, as you said, “it’s just stuff.” And as a lifelong collector of “stuff,” I’m finally getting the picture.

    You rock on all levels!


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