Of The Void by Crimson Quintessence


You thought you got away with murder

just wait until they all catch their breath

Killing things with love under a painted veil

killing things with kindness from such sickly lips

they’ve met up with a lyrical acrobat devil type

who spun tricks for kicks, such evil with all its hype

Kill the messengers, I think not, living untamed not vile

hidden amongst the trees of the wild

Right here, see the changes that they’ve made

They survived you, they may have imperfections but you won’t be collecting them

Look at your own waste you left in your poor slick taste

they won’t worry tonight, they took flight away from that prison and poisonous place

They’ve painted every fence they know

it’s kind of pleasing

knowing there’s nothing where you’re going

they feel way to good to leave this all to luck, your veil lifted now , nowhere to hide

the cranium trade was a huge facade

a show put on for the devil’s benefit

Beneath your feet lies a darken black hell-pit

waiting for your final breath to be taken

the jaws of hell will swallow you whole

It’s difficult for you to swallow, every pill of truth

you are always looking  for a fix

you were never meant to last

your next fix could be your very last.

Move right in to your own velvet underground

where nothing exists and there’s no sound

It’s a dry country, in there, where you hang your guilt and put on your cloak of fantasy

Your personalities are the lost eight

laying in wait for the next one

They’ll scrape your remains off their boots

and find their way home to a new Atlantis

free of your chinese whispers in the dark

lies, all served up from your skillet of inequity

You were born of your own deceiving lyrical womb of fantasy 

now, you are of the void

The void you left with your ascension of self fame created by forgery, distortion, deception and deceit

The lips of truth shall forever and always be 

but the lying tongue floats for a mere moment and is gone

back to being one of the void it created

 THE VOID, the splattery new horror flick from directors Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie
THE VOID, the splattery new horror flick from directors Steven Kostanski and Jeremy Gillespie


Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2016.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults


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