Abstruse Inamorata by Quintessence



his dirty little secret.

She openly displays

her affection

her adoration

her love.

He displays

on mirrored notes from her

nothing of his free will

or is it willingness of choosing not to.

She professes

she confesses

he watches

the dance begins.

Pledges made

behind closed doors.

But she’s the one who openly explores

her inner whore.

Sharing their time

with those she adores.

When will she get it

when will she see

He doesn’t love her

as she wants it to be.

She is a secret

a hidden play thing

He’s not as serious

as his love has no meaning.

She is his fun time

sex without commitment

while his wife sits at home

soaking up the financial enjoyment.

He does not buy her

extravagant gifts

no flowers

no jewellery

no trinkets of love.

Those, he saves for his wife

when she has little fits.

Where have you been

who’ve you been with

do you think I can’t smell

your whoring little quiff.

Your family is here

if that’s what you want

or do you want to run off

with that penniless cunt.

This is the last straw

Your things are on the lawn

packed in bags

you ass-hole

get up and be gone.

He decides he’s not ready

to begin a family anew

He ruined the first one

for a drug induced screw.

She should have paid mind

to the signs all around her.

She was never more than a means to escape his mid-life disaster.

Now she cries

each night

and each day.

The jump with the blow-job

was a cute little trick

but that’s where his brain’s at, 

in the end of his prick.

Bend her over

snap a shot.

She’s a slut in the bedroom

but her life’s full of rot.

The affair was such fun

until they were caught

Secret Lovers they were

but now they are not.

She was used in the moment

It is her own fault

she knew he was married

yet she sucked his dick and opened her vault.

He’d leave his wife and spend his life

forever and always with her.

Foolish woman she was

but couldn’t figure it out

how he used her for access

to what he was really about.

A simple way in

drugs, sex, and sin.

It’s where Inamorata ends

and abstruse deception begins.

His wife and three kids moved on with new lives.

He died drunk, stoned, brilliant and alone.

He couldn’t go on.

He fucked it all up

one morning at dawn.




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson CopyRight Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015



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