Writer’s Wilderness – A Quintessential Truth #27



Have you ever tried to convince someone in your life that writing frees you and been met with skepticism?

You’re not alone.  Most writers have faced this at one point.  The important thing is not to give up and to find ways to have them on your side for support.

It’s difficult when a writer faces their own doubts but when family members cause doubt your passion to write dwindles and you start to wonder that maybe you’re just not cut out to be a writer.

The crucial support you need can sometimes feel like it’s hard to find.  Family members can sometimes crush your spirit by reminding you that a reliable and steady paying job is more important or bring up past failures.  Your new direction scares them.Writers face skepticism and doubt, it’s just part of a writer’s wilderness.  You need to hit it head on or you won’t survive it.  It is tenacity, focus and determination that will get you through it.  Press forward, get stronger and commit yourself to it.

When your family or those closest to you are not supportive you must press on to reach your own personal goal with your writing.  Don’t let others hold you back.  Remember when you volunteer to much information it can invite interference in what you are trying to achieve. So, when a family member inquires just provide them with a short general description.


Many people still hold down full-time jobs and write in their spare time as a hobby or self-therapy, there’s no harm in that. Protect your personal space and keep a positive outlook on what you are doing.

Someone wise once told me to choose my confidants wisely and it’s true.  It’s important for you to know who you can go to, to ask for help or to bounce an idea or two off and not be ridiculed or have any of your ideas stolen from you.  These trusted people will give you straight responses but will also give you an uplifted feeling at the same time. Like-minded souls are the best to surround yourself with.  These souls are the ones you share everything with confidently, especially any fear or failure you think you are having.

I was also reminded at one point to prepare myself for some negativity.  Mainly because writing provokes discussion. Things can get tough sometimes but if you’re prepared for it,it won’t come as such a shock when it happens.  And, it will at some point.

Give yourself a goal and work towards it little bits at a time.  Start off small, a little poetry,an essay or a short story.  If you’re afraid of the reactions of family try not telling them you wrote it at first and just say read this and tell me what you think as a testing ground. They’re more honest when they don’t know it’s you right away.  Personally I was met with positive results.

If your family is completely unsupportive find a community or a group with similar interests to your own.  Make sure it’s members are spurring each other on.  If all works well you may become friends with some of these people for many years,even a life-time. Never be afraid to leave or move on from groups you feel are not the fit you were looking for.  You may move through many groups before you find the right one.  I had a friend come to me once who had been absolutely crushed as the writing group she had chosen wanted her to completely change her story and style of writing to suit their needs and not allow her to be a free bird and write as she felt she should.  This appalled me, it is one thing to become part of a group to want to change or better your writing but to be personally attacked by a member who thinks they run things out of their own audacity and crush the soul of another is just plain wrong in my eyes.  Being supportive and letting one flourish is the most important thing there is.

Always remember what connections you’ve made are best for you to move forward and grow.  It’s okay to let go of the rest.  Especially if you’ve found yourself surrounded with negativity and drama, it can crush a creative mind.  Negativity can ruin your mood for days.  You owe yourself to avoid things that could trigger mood swings and stall your creative side.

When ever you are not feeling enough love and support from those around you, try to create a routine that will benefit your physical and emotional well-being and keep you in a good mind-set.  Tip:  music helps.

Learn to embrace some emptiness. Things are always changing around us but in those darker times you can learn to reach deep inside yourself and create something you once thought impossible.  Sometimes, during darker helping another provides a fulfillment you find appealing and opens up your creative mind to a whole new plain.

You can become successful at writing when you remove your own restrictions and you can do it despite any lack of support from your family.  You must choose to believe you can do it.  Believe it is possible.  For every family member who feels negative when you decide to step up your writing game there are dozens out there waiting to read your next piece.

Don’t be afraid to write personally.  Be intimate with your readers.  This is how they got to know you and they don’t expect you to be perfect.  We’re all flawed in some way and it’s okay.

Write honestly and authentically.  Be yourself. Eventually your family does come around and accept that writing is a part of you. And, if they don’t, believe me when I tell you, you will survive.

So write, write, write.

Write it all out of yourself.

Even when you think you’ve hit a dry spell or lost your muse, it’s still there, inside you.

Until next time……….



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