My Review of “JANE TWO” by Sean Patrick Flanery

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To do a writer justice, one must have the kindness in their heart to leave a positive review after reading such a wonderfully told story that they want to share with all their friends, and then some.

 This is my review of “Jane Two

Canadian readers Click on the book for purchase at
Canadian readers Click on the book for purchase at

OMG!  I just finished Jane Two and let me just say there were many pauses near the end to wipe my eyes that I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through to the end. Then, I had to completely stop and wash all the makeup off my face as my eyes would have scared the life out of Alice Cooper , himself, for a real bad interpretation of his musical persona. Dear Gawd! I’ve read books that have moved me to tears before but that one….dayyum!

I finished 15 minutes ago and I’m still an emotional mess.

WOW!! just ain’t gonna cut it as there are not near enough positive words I could give you that will let you know how utterly  pleased I am that I purchased this book. You simply must read it.

US Readers Click on the image for purchase of the book at
US Readers Click on the image for purchase of the book at

I have read a lot of books in my 47 years on this earth and this is the second book in my reading history that has pulled this much emotion out of me. I don’t know if it’s my current age or a combination of age, wisdom, and understanding of life at this point but damn, that was a ride well worth it. It took me a total 3 days of reading as I am not a speed reader, I prefer to soak up the written word into my soul and let it resonate and allow myself to reflect on what I have read before going to sleep at night. This allows the story to seep into my Grey matter and stay there, also, I daydream the story, as it unfolds, I find it a more personal journey with the writer in doing this.  Can I just tell you how much I fell in love with this story.

I loved this book!

Click on the image above for Reviews and Discussion on Jane Two on Goodreads.
Click on the image above for Reviews and Discussion on Jane Two on Goodreads.

During my reading adventure I actually stopped a few times and had an in-my-head private conversation with the writer, a man I’ve never met or even talked to, but it had to be done.  You see several times he caught me off-guard and I felt I needed to tell him that.  He made me feel things, you know, I got ” the feels”, and this is exactly what I want when I’m reading something wonderful.

Everyone I know loves a coming of age story and this one was well crafted with many personal touches laid within its pages.  I don’t want to give anything way as far as the story itself goes, but what I do want to do is entice you to want to read it.  Place yourself back into your youth and all the possible scenarios that growing up can bring. A well-knit family with strong values. An older sibling you knows how to torment the younger.  A family pet you just want to hug.  Grandparents who are wiser than anyone you’ve ever known.  Having to stand up to bullies and become your own person.  Learning about loss and how to cope with emotions. Then hug a big pillow and stare out your window for a second to see the sun.  You will be able to relate on so many levels that you will actually transport yourself back many years and relive some of your own coming-of-age memories.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  You will laugh, cry and sit up in complete and utter shock throughout this book.  You will feel everything at every moment as if it is unfolding right in front of you.  You will find moments of laughter and yet you will also find a commonality and a new friend you thought you would never have.  You will cheer and get rowdy for a moment and then you will reflect.  I could clearly paraddle on, but I won’t.  What I will do is say a personal “THANK YOU” to Sean, ( I mean no disrespect by calling you by your first name, but I really feel like we are friends now) for creating such a wonderful, heartfelt story, that you opened my eyes back to my youth and though things weren’t always rosy and shiny, in the end there was always lessons to learn and a reason to smile and carry on.



I will leave you with this final thought, love your children, hold them close for tomorrow is promised to no-one.

Sean, I pray I did you justice with this review as I am an off-the-cuff writer who does not follow the general guidelines of writing.  Thank you for your creation, one that I shall treasure for a lifetime.

To Sean P. Flanery, a man of many measures, a friend to many, an absolute inspiration to thousands of lives touched of people he hasn’t even met yet. WE THANK YOU!





Now, go out and buy this book!


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