Quintessential Truth #25 – Is Anyone Out There?


My friend, Carl, used to be a girth of presence in the world, but lately he has withered from existence, wondering, is anyone out there, does anyone care?

Once so full of hope and life that he danced upon rooftops and sang in the rain.  Current times have found him questioning his very existence and caused him to turn in on himself.  Now, curled up in the fetal-position, he cries himself to sleep at night and he’s forgotten why he stepped out into the public eye in the first place.  You see, he’s lost himself, deep inside his own mind.  Where he once thrived, full of love and positivity, he’s found himself doubting his own ability to bring joy to others.

Self discovery is a painful journey at times and yet we are continuously evolving.  We all need to remember one thing, we don’t need mass approval to be someone who is accomplished.  When the dark horse rides, we only ever need to reach but one single soul to matter.   You’ve all heard the term “if you build it, they will come” right?

If you fully believe in yourself others will, in turn, believe in you.  We may all become lost sometimes but there are always a small few that are constants and will pull us out of our darkness and guide us toward the light so that we may thrive once again.  If we allow ourselves to become consumed in the darkness, we lose a piece of ourselves we may never get back.

Carl reached for me today, asking that I not give up on him.  Knowing that deep down, I never would.  This was his cry for help and reassurance that he is not one of the lost.  I reminded him that he just stopped believing in himself for a minute.  If you believe, others will believe.  You’re not lost, you need to dig deep and pour out your heart before you start to heal.  Guilt consumes all.  You start feeling sorry for yourself and you start making assumptions about things that just aren’t there.

Some worry about this numbers thing, how popular one is by the amount of people who give you a shout out or share your stuff.  But it’s not about that, who cares how many hits you got on your site or how many shares there were.  If you are proud of your work then it matters.  Stop, take a moment, remember why you got into this to begin with.  You had a passion inside you that you needed to share.  Not because you wanted popularity.  That just came over time, but it’s not the be-all of your existence.  Keep moving forward. Keep creating.  Keep taking chances.  Don’t search for popularity in numbers; instead, search for quality in what you deliver.  Popularity isn’t everything, it’s a mere reason in a sea of factors.  Touch just one soul, you may be saving a life.  You may have already saved a life.  Don’t become lost somewhere in the innocence of who you really are.  Don’t think about where you could have gone wrong.  You are the soul in charge of your own destiny.  You matter!

The right people care when you need them to.  They are in it with you through the thick and the thin.  They will be your rock when you are mush and will stretch out a hand for you to hold onto.  They will be your oxygen when the weight of the world is weighing heavy on your chest.  Breathe life into your lungs when you feel breathless.

Is anyone out there?

Do you hear me?

Do you feel me?

I’m right there, beside you, holding your hand, telling you it’s going to be all right.  It’s just a bump in the road, a cry in the night.  We all get lost sometimes.  Just remember we aren’t a broken record on repeat, there’s a B-side you have forgotten about.  We’re a long way from perfect, the road is far to long and it was built with bumps, potholes and curves.  We don’t know exactly where it will take us but we travel it non-the-less.  We’ll be what we want to be.  We’ll be the change we want to see.  But we won’t change until we try.  It’s never to late and we’re never too far gone.

It’s a road-trip and we’re all on the bus……

Until next time this has been your Quintessential Truth.

Whimsical Heart Art Mixed Media Art Folk by JCSpockWhimsicalArt


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