Quintessential Truth #26 – Beyond the Veil

  Awaken, that which was once thought dead. Full of ridges and valleys, like a spent bullet. Yet, awaiting discovery, like an ancient buried treasure. Full of wonder, yet mysterious, delicate yet firm. Stripped down and not quite bare. Unlimited, thoughts turned into dreams. Patterns scattered like twisted streams. A beautiful dream, another world, in... Continue Reading →

End Game: A Verse-style story

The pictures, memories no-one misses her more than me The profile, created in immeasurable taste hidden treasures, mine to keep. They frantically search for the missing; my barbituate haze, tangled maze of clues left behind, taunts to the authoritative ones, it's a love affair you know, the stalker, the hunter, the evil that dwells within;... Continue Reading →

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