Bloody Nightmare for Christmas


‘Twas the nightmare before Christmas,

when all through the Asylum

not a patient was drooling

not even the orderly ready to rile em.

The insane were tranquilized all tied down to their beds

while nightmares and horrors filled up their heads.

The doctor in his study and I in my bed chamber

settling in for a long winters dread 

of filling out the Asylums disclaimer for the poorest of patients

who will wind up as the dead.

When out on the roof there arose such a banter

I jumped from my bed and knocked over a planter

I burst into the hall ad looked for the guard

he’s disappeared again

but his post is quite charred.

Smoke and soot filled up the all

my eyesight was blinded

I dropped to the cobblestone and began to crawl.

Screams started to come 

from all directions it seemed

pre-med or not

I was scared and I too screamed.

Shrieks and shrills

it’s all I could hear

I swallowed real hard

and crawled for my gear

a hatchet in one hand

in the other a chainsaw

if these fuckers got lose

they’ll lynch Doctor Warsaw.

I peeked round the entrance

to ward number nine

it’s eerily quiet

I’m gonna be fine.

What the hell is that – that just hit me?

the head of a patient

he looks about fifty.

A river of blood

is flowing quite freely

it’s painted the walls

and in front of me now stands Hannibal all steely.

I’m going to kill him

he screams out with glee

I’ll cut and fillet him

and grind up his bones

you’ll keep me no longer 

you festering drones.

Off he ran like a beast in the night

more screams came and gave me a terrible fright.

Nurse Ratchet! you there, where are you going?

throwing in the towel you fuck

a murderous rampage is really a grim showing

I won’t stick around to die

I really must be going.

Ward eight was reached after ward nine

and all had escaped

I’m terrified now

as I look for an exit

It’s blocked by bodies of the dead 

filleted and draped.

Just what the fuck am I gonna do now?!

I must get out

survive this some how.

Right then the Juggernaut jumped in my path

I revved up the chainsaw and was on the warpath

He tried to come at me

but I was too fast

I  cut him in two

as I swiftly ran past

As long as I’m focused

I’ll cut them all down

I remember the last Christmas

when IT came to town.

IT killed every last patient

with its long jagged claws

and ate up their hearts

with cold Krampus jaws.

This year, things will be different

I will make this all stop

I’ll kill it this time 

and then close up shop.

It rounded the corner

like the maniac hunger

and took up its stance

like an alien beast

hunkering down 

for its annual feast.

I stood my ground 

and readied to fight

It gnashed its jaws

ready to bite

I’ll finish you off

before dawn’s precious light.

It rushed at me once

but I smashed its head with my hatchet

It crashed to the ground

crushing nurse Ratchet.

I’ve wounded it swiftly

and blinded its eyes

I take stance with the chainsaw

and the beast shrieks and cries

I think it’s foreseeing its ugly demise.

One more lunge and I saw off its legs

I feel empowered now

when this is over I shall enjoy some beast bacon and eggs.

Crawling so feverishly 

towards me again

the thing won’t give up

it has no restrain

I ready the chainsaw

I will not give up

I tighten both arms

and wind myself up

It comes at me again

and I hold tight my stance

It leaps at me now

a horrid snakes dance

I slash with the chainsaw

and rip it in two

I slash at it more

and chop up the grue

Victorious I am

the beast is no more

I search for the others

to finish the chore.

The Asylum was emptied

of every last corpse

Survivors were moved to the Rotting Corpse Motel.

A quiet little place

right beside Hell.

“Can you see how my mind warps”……….



Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015.
Copy Right Protected
by the Crimson Vaults


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