The Quiet Ones: A Quintessential Truth #22


They say that the quiet ones are often the most dangerous and that a writer may disappear at any given time, so don’t let it shock you when it happens.

Everyone who writes anything has their own routine when doing so.  Some grab a glass of red wine, a coffee, tea or water.  While others have a pack of cigarettes, lighter and ashtray or merely one single cigarette and one match for finishing time.  There are a multitude of routines for anyone writing.  I have no particular routine, as I pen this piece it is 11:55 pm on a Monday night and I’ve just selected “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” on Shomi, my husband is brushing his teeth and preparing for slumber but I will be up for quite some time yet.  I guess the one routine I do possess is that once I commence the pen to paper, I don’t stop until done. This is why I prefer smaller written pieces of 3000 words or less, it is because I loath leaving a piece unfinished; should I ever do that the chances of me ever getting back to finish it are slim to none.  This is the life of an off-the-cuff-writer.

Other writers need complete silence and an individual workplace such as a writer’s nook like a desk or a lap desk, where they can put their feet up, relax and hear nothing.  If I were to select a perfect place for myself it would be late at night by a fireplace in a cabin, in the woods near a calm lake.  The perfect  setting sometimes means everything to a writer.  It can help a creative mind to have the atmosphere that feeds their grey matter.


Some are easily distracted and that’s why the need for total silence.  I am distracted by my own mind, it wanders within its own thoughts.  People like me go mad with total and complete silence yet at the same time chaos and constant distractions do the same.  So, we must therefore find a balance that works for us each as individuals.  For example;  I can and must sleep in total darkness at night but I can also nap during the day with the television on if I’m tired enough, at night I prefer to have the soundtrack of a thunderstorm and rain to achieve full rest;  weird right?..I know..  The same principle can be applied to writing.

When the mood strikes me, I simply grab one of my many composition books and suitable pen and off I go.  I guess writing instruments are also somewhat of a routine for writers as well.  Anything from a certain type of pen, pencil, typewriter, computer, laptop o tablet to a special type of paper, bound notebook or lined or coloured paper.  Every person has their preference.


I can take small breaks during the writing journey such as a smoke break or to use the facilities or grab a quick snack.  but usually I just write straight through to the end of my thoughts.  I don’t know exactly where they come from or how they form into a patterned piece but so far they seem to be well received.  Yes, I know, I have a lot of repetitive word usage, it’s the way I talk and the way I see things which naturally falls outside the rules of writing.  I’m also dyslexic which poses problems on its own, especially when I read it back to myself.  I’ve had up to twenty-five plus edits on a single piece for this reason alone.  Yet, I don’t give up the inner fight to keep doing something that soothes my soul.

I believe every writer has at least one unfinished piece that’s been sitting there forever that they really wish they could provide an ending to but the timing has never been right.  I say to that please don’t ever throw it away because one day the ending to that story will come and it will be when you least expect it.  Sometimes we hit a little rut and feel uninspired, this is where reading and writing prompts can come into play and give us a little boost and they can be quite a bit of fun.  I recommend giving them a little try here and there.  they can boost your brain into hyper-drive.  I would also recommend stepping outside your writing routine and style every once in a while to challenge yourself.  It can be quite invigorating, like standing on a mountain top with your arms spread and letting the wind blow through your hair.

Take it all in, breathe, listen to as much music as possible as it will definitely set your soul free as well as guide you when you need it most.  Find your little nook in the world and allow your words to flow.

Go with that you know.

Don’t ever be afraid to walk into the fire and let your soul burn through your finger tips and create something that is all yours.

Insomnia Art by AnnThraxx
Insomnia Art by AnnThraxx

Until next time…



Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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One thought on “The Quiet Ones: A Quintessential Truth #22

  1. Wonderful, Sister Jilly! I always tell my students that “Writing is any means necessary.” As you said, we all have to find what works for us and move forward. And I love your advice for keeping our writing whether complete or not. I have boxes full of unfinished tales and absolutely horrid writing, but it’s all a part of my history, my writing journey, and I have to keep every page, for better or worse.


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