Some People are so Touchy – Quintessential Truth #17


Have you ever noticed how some people are just so touchy?

I have and as I write I see it more often than not.  The type of people I’m referring to are the ones who inevitably think everything we say, do or write is about them.  Hell, I’ve had people attack me verbally because they read far too much into something I’ve written and automatically assumed the piece was about them when in fact it was simply just a piece of writing in general.

Do folks not realize it is a writer who can provoke us with their words.  Writers provoke thought, discussion and unintentionally bring on verbal assaults from readers.  So let’s look at why this happens from a simple stand-point, shall we?

A writer puts out something, at the time it could mean something to them or it just plain and simply is just a piece of writing.  Either way here comes a jump….. So why do these jumps or attacks if you will, happen?  It’s just writing people.  But alas, there are always a few who will read far too much into things.  These people have many inner personal demons and in reality are just sitting and waiting for the slightest thing to set them off.


This happened to me recently.  I wrote a piece and within hours received an attempted bash at me.  Here’s the thing though, I had no idea that this person was actually reading my work.  After all they never left a comment on any of my pieces so therefore I had no reason to know they would read it.  Also, this person was not forced to read it, it was simply put out as a general share, I surely didn’t push it in their face and say here you have to read this.  They let their own personal demons take over and they lashed out at me and ruined a friendship because I will never talk to this person again.  I don’t scare easily and I certainly am not going to start censoring my work to please someone else.

Personal demons exist in people far longer than before any writer of any sort enters their realm of life.  If what is written stirs something inside them then there is something either they are refusing to deal with or just plain don’t want to deal with.  Sometimes its guilt.  We all have some form of guilt at one time or another.  Usually over bad decisions we’ve made.  But the reality factor is those are our crosses to bare.  You can’t blame someone else for your misfortunes, that is just a plain and pure honest fact.  The other thing is when this happened to me the individual didn’t just go after me, they went round behind my back and started the telephone game.  You remember that one don’t you.


Such a ridiculous thing to do.  We all have friends we vent to but to purposefully go from person to person in a common circle and spread rumours and innuendos for their own personal gain is about as immature as it gets.  After doing all this and verbally jumping me they told me they were never going to write again and that they were going to disappear off the internet altogether, which I knew was total bullshit by the way, another game to try to make me feel bad.  At this point, yes, I did an eye roll amongst other things.  So with that person it’s pretty much like this….

2dccb34335f30aa9a2b0ac218d7a2397 which I do not…..

Look, a dear friend of mine pointed this fact out and it makes perfect sense to me.  I could be super pissed off at someone and write a story and in that story I could kill them eight different ways from Tuesday but at the end of the day it’s just a bloody story and that is all it is.  That is what writing is like.  Ideas come and go just like that and for some of us the ideas pop up and the weirdest of times.  Some writers plan their stories out.  They use story boards and create plots etc.  But there are others of us who just write straight off the cuff and what you see is what you get.  Like this article I’m giving you right now.  I had no plan to write it.  I knew I wanted to write something.  It’s 5:14 in the morning and I have severe insomnia because I’m an insomniac and this shit just happens without warning.  My husband is dead asleep right beside me and I have my TV on and I felt like writing and the phrase “Some people are so touchy” from the movie Grease popped into my head and so here we are discussing that very thing.  Here’s the kicker, I’m not even watching Grease, I’m actually watching a TV show called Blood Relatives while I wait for the movie Flatliners to come on.  So you see one has nothing to do with the other, it just happens like this sometimes.

Now here’s the great thing about being a grown up and not forced to read something like we are in school, you don’t have to read it!  Bam, there it is….  Isn’t that a genius thought?

Here’s another great thing about being a grown up, when people come at you via the internet, guess what?  You don’t have to respond and you can actually unfriend, unfollow and even block them.  Bam, there it is again… What a revelation!

For my writing friends out there, keep on living your dream, keep on writing.  There is nothing more therapeutic alongside music of course than creating something all on your own.

I’m not here looking for a pay cheque or a gazillion word count to out do anyone.  I’m simply just here, doing what I do and peacefully gliding through life.



Until we meet again with another installment of the Quintessential Truth…….


dark angel by SaphireNishi
dark angel by SaphireNishi


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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