Is The Cup Half Full or Half Empty…A Quintessential Truth #16


I love it when insomnia kicks in, no really, for people like me it’s like a good drunk, the most truth comes out and a lot of thought-provoking ideas when I choose to write.  After all it is how “Quintessential Truths” were born and they’ve become quite popular.  For this occasion let’s look at the Green Monster, now it’s not the Green-eyed Monster of jealousy, I’m taking about paper here people.  Money, yes, money changes everything or everyone if you will.  In some form or another people change.

Yeah, let’s face it, you know it’s true for the most part.  There aren’t too many people in the world that a little money won’t change.  It may be for a minute or three or permanently.  To each is his own and so on and so forth.  Some change for the better and others well, let’s just say if you aren’t in their paper realm you don’t matter much.

One thing for sure I know to be true is I sure wouldn’t drop my friends who have always been there supporting me through the thick of the shit.  Those people see us at our worst and still they stay.   That says something about character don’t you think.  But for some put a little green in their palms and boom! you become the last thing on their minds instead of the first.  Suddenly you aren’t so important any more.  Shocking right?  It really shouldn’t be.

So here we are at Is the cup half full or half empty…. you tell me:

Think about it.  I recently watched a video that was done in two parts.  The first a guy dressed up as a raggy, dirty bum and had a sign beside him that said broke and out of work, need money for booze and drugs.  Here’s the kicker, at least a dozen people, just your average Joe passer-by dropped bills into his cup and told him to have a drink on them or keep on smoking that green brotha!, shocking.  The second part he dressed up as a single father with a young daughter, sat in the same place with a sign that read, Unemployed and homeless, need money for food.  Every single person passed them by pretending not to see them until one lady walked up to them and said this is all I made today but I want to give it to you, I am homeless too but you need it more than I do, may I pray for you and your daughter?  What is even more amazing is that this was a social experiment and the guy got up and thank the woman for her kindness and opened his wallet and gave her one hundred dollars out of his own money after telling her about the experiment they were doing.  This video combo went viral.  What is wrong with the world today?

Now let’s look at another scenario.  Mary, a forty-seven year old mother of three has worked steadily for the past 13 years of her life and prior to that owned 3 of her own businesses, she has been the main income earner of the family and supported everyone.  Mary recently lost her forty hour a week job and for the past six months has been actively looking for work.  But Mary is finding it difficult because company’s these days are hiring the younger generation because they will do twice as much work for less wages.  Mary has no one to help her out.  Her savings are gone, her credit cards are maxed out and her unemployment is about to run out right before the Christmas season hits.  It just proves that you can have all the experience in the world but it really doesn’t matter once you get over twenty-five.  The average work week seems to hit near seventy hours for most of the population.  How are people with children supposed to survive?

Meet my friend Kyle and his best friend Steph, they’ve known each other for years.  They would talk every day, for hours sometimes.  They would laugh, joke around and bring each other out of slumps.  Then Steph hit the jackpot and won the lottery.  Steph told Kyle her worries were all over and things were going to be all aces.  Then Steph disappeared. She sent the odd message, when she knew Kyle was offline, a cowardice act if you want an honest opinion.  She knew his internet habits and also knew he was very ill at the time but that didn’t matter.  Kyle looked at her avoidance as trite and quite rude.  All the endless hours he spent with her, listening to all her woes and lifting her spirits when she was near the brink of losing her sanity.  Kyle got pissed at her and you know what I don’t blame him.  It goes to show you how money changes people and how quickly they forget what you’ve done for them.  How quickly would you become insignificant in a situation such as this?

Money, the route to all evil.  Yup, that’s it in a nut shell.  Sure having money is nice but if you forget where you’ve come from and forget the people who helped you survive when you were all but lost then really what was it all for. And, in the same sense, not having money sucks and puts people in desperate times and horrible circumstances.

The reality is if you have a roof over your head, food on your table and clothing on your back, any thing else is a luxury.  Be thankful every day because you never know what tomorrow will bring.  You too, could find yourself homeless out in the cold sleeping on a heat grate out in the streets.  The next time you see someone like that don’t just walk passed them, spare a few dollars you would waste on a pack of cigarettes or buying junk food you don’t really need.  You could be saving someone’s life.  It takes very little to pay it forward.

Food for thought.

Until next time, keep your chin up to the sky and always learn to dance in the rain.

Oh and by the way THE CUP IS ALWAYS REFILLABLE!!!!!! 




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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One thought on “Is The Cup Half Full or Half Empty…A Quintessential Truth #16

  1. Wonderful work, Sister Jilly! Every time I step into my modern bathroom, I know I have it good. Real good. So many people are lucky to get food, and when I go to the supermarket, I sometimes feel like crying. I may not be paid what I’m worth, but with the basics – and the love of my beautiful wife – I’ve got it good.

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