Sorority Hell Night


Would I cry for you

lay down my life and die for you

carry a corpse a mile for you

would I give up my heart

if it meant falling apart

could I survive, when it’s torn away

empty inside on the darkest of days

running away from the ally cat strays

can’t seem to forget what drew me near

to this sorority in Everclear.


Carnal lust or mortal fear

yet here I stand in wretched tears

lost, alone or broken, every bone

shattered from the inside out

feeling alone and possessing doubt

what keeps me here

my mortal fear, of being alone

cold as stone, emotionless droan

pushing through life always feeling the roam.

One, the loneliest number to face

dying internally through the rats maze during haze

caught and choked, such a cruel joke

heart rate slows to near dull pace

appearing dead to the human race

wrap her up in plastic and cords

bury her deep within the woods

haunting the ones who put her there

left her covered and alone, they did not care

this jokes on them, they should beware

she remembered what they did

pay they must for what they hid

sounds in the night cannot be explained

blood spills from each one blamed

one by one she takes her revenge

they won’t escape this deathly hell

pledge a secret these sisters did do

plotted revenge, the dead one did too.



A few frights to begin

then each death had its turn

revenge was hers for their mortal sins

haze her, kill her, then cover her up

pretend she went missing and take your sip from the sacred cup

a pledge of her own she fulfills this night

take them one by one deep in the night

the first one goes easy suffocated and dropped

her body hidden, at the old burial plot

the next scalded in a shower so hot

her flesh melted before the shower shut off

two more left to take out tonight

but how will they die

from pain or from freight

the next one hides like the coward she is

until the dead sniffs out all of her fears

found her hiding under her bed

speared straight through, now she is dead

the last one is missing

but not for too long

I’ll find a tune for the dead girls swan song

ah, there she is, laying on her bed

is anyone out there plays in her head

sliding from under a mattress so thin 

I slit her throat wide and syphon out all her sanguine

filling my jars, not spilling a drop

I hack off her head

chop; chop; chop


Oh, they’re going to find it up the flag pole

laid out on display for all to know

what was once hidden

is no more

the secret is out

you fucking whore!

Sorority secrets always come out

when pledges aren’t dead

they’re calling you out.



Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


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3 thoughts on “Sorority Hell Night

  1. As always, your horror poetry gets to the blood of the matter, and an element of furor brews. Most important, all of your poems serve as excellent foundations for horror films in their own right. Keep on sharing the crimson, dear Sister Jilly!


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