Restlessness of Wilard



Running backwards in a constant spin

lost in time as you dwell within

restlessness inside ones shattered up mind

bubbling turmoil of inner demons you find

make one see things that aren’t really there

scream, shout, lash out and swear

where does it get you

you’re still sitting there

wallowing in self-pity and so unaware

your actions speak volumes of delusion and doubt

nothing resolved so why did you shout


you opened that wound again

all by yourself with that evil fraught grin

and for what was there something to gain

the raw nerve you struck 

was you slowly going insane

you’ve got nothing else to lose

you’ve become so vain

sitting there staring out of your window pane

so what now board the freight train

it’s heading for hell

fuck you

really, I know the type so well


regression the fashion of a new-found day

temper fit temper

and a tantrum or two

said the childish imp

with nothing to lose

I am nothing 

you win

sulking again

the drama unfolds

no truths told

creating a scene

such an immature thing


look at me

see me

butter me up

curled up in a ball of your own made up stuff

the truth is the truth 

you can’t change what is fact

the rat ate the cat 

and that is just that


bubbling cauldron filled up with rot

one really knows how to stir up the pot

throw out hooks, lines and all of your sinkers

reel them all in, blinders for blinkers

can you see past the bait as you’re throwing it in

the ice that you skate on is really quite thin

look now it’s cracked

right under your feet

this would be a good time to fade and retreat


pushing your restlessness onto all others

involves them all in such unpleasant covers

You had a chance to think it all through

but you had to act out and show the real you

soon the men in white coats will be coming for you

you can not escape them

the karma is due

the devils and demons will stay inside your head

they’ll eat away at your skull on the day of the dead

dealing with nothing avoiding it all

hide behind masks against the black wall

the psyche is broken and has a withered the soul

restlessness knows how to take full control


contort the frame to horrible form

it sucks you into a magnetic storm

lose all emotion and drag you to hell

that is the will of a personal demon spell

no one can save you

you must save yourself

that’s your heart up there

in a jar on the shelf

your eyes plucked from their sockets from once they were sat

chewed to bits by Willard’s head rat

he saw it all coming and released the four-legged beasts

they gnawed you to death

and now he has peace.



Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015


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