Duplicity – A Quintessential Truth #15

Duplicity by kimsol
by kimsol

DUPLICITY:  contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially :  the belying of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or action

You know I am pretty much a calm person but when pushed I don’t lie down and cry, I fucking push back.  I woke today with great anticipation and happiness.   After over a 4 month writing hiatus I had finally been bitten by the writing bug again late last night and I did so and posted and I was pleased. So this morning after rolling around in bed for 3 waking hours I was ready to get writing again, I had an avalanche of ideas going on in my head that needed to be written out and I penned two pieces of poetry and that is when things turned to shit.

Last night I penned a piece called “Forever had an Ending”  and it was a mere take on internet relationships comings and goings basically, different scenarios not directed to any one person(s) in specific and names were completely fictitious and I was damn proud of it.  But, one person had to throw something negative in my direction and start idle gossip behind my back.  WoW…Really?  You expected me to roll over and die….NEVER!    I won’t back down. It’s about time that this person got put into their place.  Listen, I’ve been around a long damn time and you know what?  I ain’t going nowhere…FACT.

Your duplicity is your burden to bear, not mine.

See here’s the thing when someone writes a comment and then deletes it the person it’s addressed to still gets the email and is able to see what was written.  It didn’t crush me, it bewildered me for a second and then I got angry.  After chatting with a friend I realized something, what I had written was fine and could have stood as it was but I took a new approach and bore compassion, how nice of me.  I figured better to adjust and save grace rather than cause an uproar, it was initially written describing such a commonplace happening, but now it’s my time to vent.

So, this “someone” tried to tarnish me in  eyes of others with idle gossip and added lies to a distorted truth, they failed. That article I penned describes at least half a dozen, if not more, of the people I know.  But what that initial reaction did do was send me back to the original article and take it from 1500 word count to an extended 3005 word count so it doubled in size and I am even prouder of it.  All this person’s arrogant negativity did was fuel my fire.  Thanks for being a cunt and giving me even more of will to write. It is just writing and things like that happen to people I know day in and day out.  If anyone found some similarity it’s coincidental I assure you and I will not apologize for it. They read only what they wanted to see and not what it was.  To make things worse I was woken up at 6:17 am by an attack from the same person via FB Messenger with a barrage of bullshit immaturity resembling a highschool lockerroom full of jealousy and idle babbling.  I was so not in the mood, it was not the right time and I was not the right person.  I stood my ground, with dignity, like a grown woman and like I always do.  Told this person they were narcissistic, that they needed to get their shit together and that they were sulking and needed to knock it off.

I was not put on this earth to be lead around with a collar and a leash, I possess free will.  If a person choses to look at everything from a negative viewpoint or think everything is about them it’s their choice to make if they are irrational you can not talk to them and if they harbor some sort of jealousy for no known reason it’s on them not the rest of us.  Clearly, I didn’t put their own personal thoughts into their head.  They tried to mold a situation to fit their own cause to direct anger in my general direction through vindictive measures.  They failed miserably.  I stand here highly supported in my conviction and stand my ground like the strength that dwells within me.  I’m not someone that can be pushed or manipulated, not any more.  They saw me as a threat before…….they ain’t seen nothing yet.  I’m not about to stop what I do anytime soon.

Writers have a right to create what they feel without being judged for it constantly.

See my face, know I mean what I say.

I ain’t nobody’s bitch!!!!

Battle Cry by lady-atropos
Battle Cry by lady-atropos


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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