Oxygen for the Soul – A Quintessential Truth #11

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel.
Copyright © Shanta Gabriel.

When we finally realize our potential and take a moment to breathe, we open ourselves up to accept our destiny.  Take lessons we’ve learned and apply them to free ourselves from cages that bind us preventing our own growth.

So many times we confine our potential selves to temporary self-jail sentences to be served in pain and our own purgatory.  In a split second we can be devoured by darkness and until we open our eyes, minds, hearts and souls, we lie there suffocating.  It takes a lot of self-doubt to wind up in the dark corner curled up in the fetal position waiting for the cloak of death to completely engulf what is left of our weary bodies.  But, it takes a tremendous amount more for us to fight that overwhelming darkness and reach down deep inside and find ourselves, our worthy selves and pull from our very essence the will to fight against the devil on our shoulder and reach out for the seraph who’s stepped forth with light to guide us back to the land of the living.


It’s easy to give in but when one does the shroud of darkness that consumes us has an ability to make us act out and become irrational.  We then start reaching for anything or anyone who makes us feel just one ounce of something normal or being needed.  These are times where we don’t always make the best choices or decisions.  We act out of turn with behaviours that just aren’t us.

I’ve always possessed the ability to feel with and for those around me.  I’m an Empath not by choice but by birth.  It’s just who I am.  I literally feel the pain of others around me.  It’s impaling and painful on one’s body.  It allows me to see people for who they really are and I then listen to my inner essence for the way in which a response of healing shall come.  Now, some of you are sitting there saying to yourselves oh no, another nut who thinks she can heal people.  This is far from the truth.  What I mean is simple.  If you truly pay attention and get to know someone you can see signs of when they are happy, sad, falling or completely in trouble and take those signs to really help them from deep within yourself.

Twin Flames Blue Decor Chakra Art Print
Twin Flames Blue Decor Chakra Art Print

Something small can touch someone, leave them speechless, mute them for a moment so they can gather their thoughts or compose themselves but if they can spark a feeling inside, even if to come up with random words in singular fashion such as happy, content, safe, touched, stunned, strong or belief, then you have achieved reaching their inner will to live.  If timed perfectly you can speak volumes all the ways that can make an incredible difference in someone’s life providing them the oxygen they need to thrive again.  Remind someone that “they can and do make a difference to others” and you have given them the greatest gift, the will to live, the will to believe in themselves, to realize “they matter” and it is the best gift you could ever give.  Simple reminders why one should never ever give up on themselves.

It can be so wonderful to read things and see that someone really gets you and understands.  It also says that you really do pay attention and remember the things that matter.


Knowing someone’s soul and their gentleness takes time and dedication.  It doesn’t happen over night, although some may think so.  If you know where someone’s deepest sadness lays you can throw out a safety net just in time to change their course and catch them when they start to fall.  Helping by becoming a beacon of light can be refreshing.  Knowing true contentment is gratifying and keeps your soul at peace.  It has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with reality and knowing one’s inner most self.

“Pave the way with light & abandon darkness”

Being a like-minded soul can develop everlasting friendships where you learn and teach in synchronicity.  You cannot grow if you mimic another.  You must put forth your own voice and be seen for being you.

“Keep your destiny in tact”

Embrace your inner most self and don’t force it.  Fairytales aren’t real.

Breathe me

Breathe oxygen.

Violet Flame Psychedelic
Violet Flame Psychedelic




Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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