Misunderstood or Misguided – A Quintessential Truth #7


Being misunderstood is one of the most common things we experience in life.  People, in general make assumptions about others every day.  There are just some in this world who seem to feel it is their right to cast judgement upon others one way or the other.  Being misguided is possible only if one allows it.

Some will tell you they love you to your face yet behind your back, it’s a whole other story.  The exact opposite reigns truth.  These are the real monsters of existence.  The most prolific will weasel their way into a person’s life and manage to manipulate their victims without the realization it’s happening to the victim until the damage is done.

They adore someone as long as that someone is of giving heart.  They start off by first appearing broken and needy.  You can awaken yourself to such people by becoming cautious.  In today’s age, which has become all-consuming on the internet, we reach out to others.  Like-minded souls who appear harmless at first, but over time patterns emerge.  Not everyone notices at first.  I fell victim to a few over the years.

Adults are no different from teens when it comes to being some of the misunderstood and misguided as part of us is continuously searching for the approval of others.  I’ve learned over the years.  I’ve learned may things.  there are lessons to be taught and lessons to be mindful of as well as lessons we can teach ourselves and others.  I’ve been accused and have accused others.  I’m not perfect in any measure.  Perfection is just a pressure we place on each other and ourselves without realizing what it actually means.  We watch, get involved, have regrets and try to reinvent ourselves in each round.

There is a fine line in passing along known information from one person to another.  General conversations can turn to gossip at the blink of an eye, for lack of better description and it’s up to us to see and know the difference.  We’ve all been used at some point in our lives and learn to see the differences in what is genuine from someone and what is a whole different ball-game.

We would like to think that should another say something negative about us behind our backs that true friends would inform us that it is going on.  But the reality is we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.  either way, the results aren’t going to end well and someone will get hurt.  Be it the person doing the talking or the person being talked about.  The importance is we have to remember that every single person reserves the right to vent.  Not everything we all do or say will please everyone.  We must respect people in such decisions.  After all we usually allow certain things to happen until we can no longer handle them.

Over time we remember who we’ve talked to and who we haven’t.  We also know who has remained true to who they presented to us in the beginning and who did a full 360 degree turn from what we thought they were.

For someone who chooses to write, we risk scrutiny, judgement, ridicule amongst other things, we are some of the most misunderstood people in the world.  It is always assumed that certain types of our written creations are “about someone” this causes an ache in my gut and in others.  There will always be someone out there in the world with something to say about our work.  These are what I call one-sided thinkers who can’t see past the nose on their own faces.  It would be so much easier if people would just look for the positives in things and forget about the negatives.  People really need to stop making assumptions about others.  The world has become far to judgemental.

Little clusters will always have someone who is territorial, aggressive and insecure, it’s just factual and there’s not much we can do about these types.  The “inside man” always appoints themselves and takes it upon themselves to scope the surrounding area, takes mental pictures and relays their own perception of intel back to home base.  The stake out, watch of motion or behaviors and changes in the shifts and tells the others what the change of actions should be.  Example:  who to follow, get close to cuddle up to and schmooze for their own personal gains.   Over time there is always a power struggle as the jealousy always rears its ugly head.  It’s inevitable in group situations.  This is why it’s always better to stand on your own two feet and not tie yourself down to any one particular avenue.  You are all individuals and need to flourish the best way you know how, on your own.

Become expressive, don’t be afraid.  You all possess the divine right to all open avenues as you write.  No-one is at the helm of your writing hand but you.  You should never be told you can’t and you should never feel caged when it comes to your writing.  Don’t conform to a style that is uncomfortable for you. Become a free-bird with wings of your own.  Flourish because it’s what you want for yourself and not because it’s  what someone else wants for you.  Adopt your own style, you are your own creation and not moulded from someone else’s opinion of what they want you to be.

You should never have to sit around waiting for someone else’s approval of your creation.


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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  1. And this is the perfect summation: “You should never have to sit around waiting for someone else’s approval of your creation.”

    Another thing I hate, and this is from readers without much sense of the writing craft: When a writer presents a character with certain negative beliefs, this does not mean the writer shares them. Characters are characters, full of inconsistencies, rage, bigotry, and what not, but this does mean the characters are a reflection of the spirit of the writer. As writers, we are trying to create real characters who are flawed and multi-faceted. In addition, these characters usually add to the theme of the narrative, and nothing more.

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