Screenshot Junkies- A Quintessential Truth #6


Have you ever met a screenshot junkie?

Trouble makers is all they are in reality and this is how they run….

First they lure people into conversation.  Then, when they get comfortable, they start complaining and gossiping about someone else to get you to say things and then they pick and choose certain segments of the conversation and take screenshots.  They then take those screenshots and manipulate or create situations for their own benefit and in doing so create so much drama that it ripples through the airwaves.  Before you know it people are hating each other and all because one nasty minded individual took it upon themselves to create some morbid form of entertainment for themselves.

How sick does an individual have to be to create such nastiness in the world.  To force hatred into the hearts of others and sit back in their chair and use the ripples and waves they created to feed their egos and entertain themselves.

I’ve sat quiet for so long about things it has taxed my psyche.  Certain situations need to be brought forth into the light of day and if I have to be the one to have the proverbial balls to do it so be it.  People need to be able to arm themselves against said screenshot junkies.

Watch for the signs:

1.     Be mindful of who you talk to and what you say.

2.     Never say anything you would be afraid of having repeated out in the open.

3.     Be careful of who you trust.

4.     If someone is showing you screenshots belonging to someone else, you can pretty much be sure they are using some of your conversations for the same to others but not how they originally came about.

5     If your conversations with someone are based on them complaining and badmouthing pretty much everyone they know, you can almost guarantee they are talking about you as well in the same manner to someone else.

Arm yourselves.  Stay alert.  Screenshot junkies will always show their true image and not even realize it.

Be Alert

Be safe.

Protect yourself.


Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

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8 thoughts on “Screenshot Junkies- A Quintessential Truth #6

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  1. What???

    I was the only one who read and rated this???


    Well, I thought this is good and I know for a fact that there are these minions going around and talking hate about me. Question is, do I even care anymore?

    The good will outweigh the bad. If they, the minions of hate are talking about me. Then, at least they are not picking on someone who can’t take it. I do know there are elements out here like in any junior high school who has nothing better to do and have ZERO creativity and ZERO talent.

    These must be of the same juvenile minds who poses their breasts, baby-dicks, and asses off on the social realms of the internet.

    Pity that they don’t throw themselves off an overpass upon a busy highway below or find their heads under an SUV.

    The real sad thing about these minions who bong-hits off a sewage pipe is that you can only kill them once. This I know, this I attest. Alas, I still dig them up every five years and give them booster shots with my semi-automatic.

    The other day I was at Walmart where the white trash shops. I always go there and cruise for the next victim to shred. It never takes long. So, there was this pretty Asian woman about 25 years old texting on her large smart phone. In front of her was her husband over twice her age, balding, dressed to depress, and just filthy. The kind of guy that prefers to be blown in the Men’s room sort of person. Creepy as fuck, right?

    Yeah, so, I watched her walk right into a beam breaking her rock-star sunglasses, and falling back as her head bounced once off the concrete. She is now taking a nap. So, I blew my cover and operation. I hadn’t a chance to warn her. It happened so fast.

    I yelled at the guy ten feet in front of her at the top of my voice that just reverberated almost on a supernatural level stopping everyone else’s moment of Apathy and self-serving motives, “Hey dude, yeah you, you fuck. You’re daughter just smacked right into this beam!” He turned back as I spoke glowing red as hell itself and said, “I’m not her father, I’m her husband.”

    I then took her phone since I wasn’t feeling a pulse, but she was breathing faint and blood running down her nose which is broke. She was texting to a guy named, “Freddy Montoya” I quickly dialed 911 and text this Freddy as her husband came over. I handed him her phone as I was on mine talking to the First Responders.

    He looked at the text messages on the phone and growing even more angry he just walked away. Yeah, Gillian, he just fucking walked right out of the fucking store!

    She was wearing a pink dress with those Gothic-Like Pumps, and a lime-green thong. Of course I covered her up by flipping the skirt down. I am ashamed you even had to ask.

    The ambulance folks and police arrived. They took her vitals, they couldn’t revive her as I saw blood on the back of her skull. I thought, “Yup, double tap to the head will do that.”

    Meanwhile I bet her father, I mean, husband was having a few texts of his own with dear “Freddy” while walking to his vehicle. Naturally, a policeman went to look for him.

    I gave a statement and so did some witnesses. I sure was pissed that my cover is blown. Yeah, the gigs up and shit.

    The ambulance then raced away with her fading…

    I don’t know if she is okay, I don’t know if the authorities found her husband soon enough…

    So, yeah, be careful who and where you are texting. It could cause a divorce or worse…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Douglas, my brother, I love you dearly. I love your comments and holy shit did that really happen?!!
      So many people with their heads down in phones these days actually lose their lives and for what….
      Cellphones come in handy for emergency but cause more emergencies than they do come in handy for them.
      So true.
      Minions of hate beware, your days are numbered….


    1. It’s sad that the world is like this. When we were children how could we possibly ever know the horrible things we would see. If only to be a child again to see through innocent eyes but nothing would change, would it. 😦

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      1. I hear this train or school of thought. I wouldn’t trade my knowledge and wisdom I have for nothing. Though, the world is a violent or chaotic mess and it is getting worse by the day. I would not want to step back into my childhood unless I had a loaded Glock. However, being innocent or naïve to the elements around us is more fatal, heartbreaking, and shocking rather than the dissention, corruption, and all those things that make all of us cringe.

        I know you mean well, I fully understand your comment and wonderful article. But it is far better to be abreast of one’s surroundings, take appropriate action, and direction for yourself and your family. I have been over the last three to four years scaring my wife with a prophetic view in the future. It really isn’t prophetic as my wife likes to call it. But it is the fact of seeing the signs and knowing both history, current world events through reliable sources, and seeing it in the mind’s eye of critical thinking coupled with logic. It scares her because I have been right about things for so long in these terrifying things that more and more people are waking up to.

        I am also an optimist in knowing that I live well within my means, own my own vehicles, and no leans on the house. The mortgage is something that was taken care of long ago. I live in an area I love, Laura and I. I know in the event of a nuclear war, the base some 40 miles away will be utterly destroyed and most of Montana. In a nuclear winter, there is no winners. Do I think this will happen soon?

        No, unless America will pull the trigger first, and it will indeed be America when the chickens come home and roost. But before all of this doom saying, the American Economy will tank and the government will implode just like the UK will and other countries. I don’t say these things lightly and I know as soon as the banks close you will see chaos, you will see the US Government fail and abandoned ship — What good are they for anyways?

        Over decades of decadence, debt, corruption, and history behind me back as a reference, the US Government is already stepping up and being a tyrant to its own citizens. The US Government, if you would, is the most dangerous enemy the people have here in America. This has been a slow-burning fire within that is going into devouring stages with the unimaginable false flags, being a leader in World Terrorism. Yes, just ask most countries outside the United States. Be thankful that you are a Canadian rather than an American.

        I could go on with all kinds of proof that for me, would be too redundant, too depressing, and too true…

        However, like Steely Dan said, “Any Major Dude will tell you… When the world falls apart there will be people to put the pieces back together again.”

        The world will change, and as always it will be govern as it is today, the cause and effect of force — Force is the common denominator throughout mankind. Not Justice — A PhD in sociology was shamed by me recently when SHE was deceived in this façade of Justice running everything. It is force and more so than not, violent force. Our savior is not in government or religion as the latter is only a political tool to be used on the weak-minded since the beginning. No, it is nothing of these but technology. Technology is the true savior. Though used in the wrong hands is most often fatal for those who have not. Once knowledge is out of the bottle, it is used either and or for good or bad. Seems of late, bad or self-serving in the weapons race. Welcome to the beginnings of the Cold War Era part two. I lived through a lot of it since 1962 and served in the military right up unto the end of the first one. You have to be blinded by opiates to not see these things. If you cannot see these things for yourself then it will come as a horrifying and paralyzing moment(s) when you do. When the “Matrix” of society is truly revealed to the innocence. There is nothing to change the fate of the American US Government, it is decrepit, vile, and murderous that knows no bounds. I shall be glad when it is destroyed. I am a firm believer in the United States Constitution and a Patriot to only that and nothing else.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “Douglas, my brother, I love you dearly. I love your comments, but I can’t believe you, you sick fuck. You’re delusional and need help…” Translation of my dear babe, Jilly.

    Liked by 1 person

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