Blured Lines – Social Leeches – Quintessential Truth #1

***WARNING…..If you are easily offended by truth and reality, don’t read this section.  These are my personal opinions and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, nor am I looking for confrontation.  I simply have an outlet for such topics and reserve the right to put them here.***

Ahhh, Social Leeches, you know who they are, right?


Let me fill you in…..If I may be so bold, fuck it, I am bold and not always so timid.

Social leeches are the ones that latch on to your Social network Feeds and want you doing everything for them while they do absolutely nothing for you in return.


Simple, they want exposure and want to do nothing to earn it for themselves.  nor do they want to pay someone to do it for them..

But how can this be?

Again, Simple, they attach themselves to you, follow your feeds, jump in to get noticed, ask for a favor and once said favor is done and they’ve gained more popularity they’ll unfollow you, you can count on it. Others will just latch on suck on our teet, then raid your followers list and go after anyone of importance in their type of business or avenue and latch on to them and just keep repeating the cycle.  People looking for money are the worst.  Always fully investigate the Program or issue for its authenticity before donating any money.

Others will follow-back anyone who follows them just to get more numbers so it makes them look popular.  Didn’t we all graduate from high school?

You can prove this theory quite simply.  While your curiosity strikes you, give it a try, look at a few following lists.  Not followers but following.  Now, how many EGGS do you see for profile pics?  BINGO!! These are bullshit accounts, they arent’ real people, these are the accounts that the “Buy , followers for $20.00” people offer.  Those are bullshit accounts as well and you won’t find either in my list.  I BLOCK them as soon as I see them.

To add to this list are foreign language accounts.  They may follow me but if I don’t speak the language I don’t follow back because we can not interact with each other and I slowly weed them out as well.

How am I supposed to keep track of all this shit you ask?

Simple Again my friends, there are a multitude of viable programs to help you with this.

I use

Simple to use, I can keep track daily of who unfollowed me, who followed me, who has been inactive 3 months or more, who does not follow me back and who does not have a legit bio or picture etc.  I use it daily.  I am not in Social Media for the numbers game.   My goal is easily understood, share my writing, things I believe in, pictures, movies and music I like and help others do the same.  This is why social Media was created.  It’s not about being worried about who has more followers than jack and Jill.  Clean out your followers list on a regular basis and stay true to who you are.  Remember it’s about quality not quantity.

Look, it’s simple, if you want to be legit, put up your pic and a real bio, people do pay attention to these things.  I ALWAYS check out the bios of the people who follow me, it tell me a lot about the person and whether they are worthy of my follow-back.

Stand and be counted.

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to Joe Wilson for inspiring me to write this!  You are one of the Realists out there and I admire your honesty.

*****Do make sure to thank and show your appreciation to all who support, Retweet and share your work, book, venue, photos, videos, movies etc.  They are genuine and true souls and deserve all the Thanks in the World.*****



Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015
Original written work of Gillian A. Gibson Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2015

5 thoughts on “Blured Lines – Social Leeches – Quintessential Truth #1

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  1. Gillian;

    I once wrote a piece called, “Spiritual Vampires” in which covered a lot of what you are talking about around 2006. However, the white-hot iron in your words is the truth fueled by a broken heart on the mend of being forged together by your anger from being taken advantage of within your circle of friends. I saw all the names in this article that you are talking about. I concur with everything you said.

    I purge daily, 30 days inactive, no English-speaking (because everything I write is in English), no egg-heads, and I love blocking people or bots (Fake or Spamming) as, well, as much fine as separating one’s head from their fucking shoulders. I would be well passed 250K on my following if I just wanted numbers. Twitter is dying, drops in actual accounts fell last year by over 25%.

    Facebook, same. We all know their scam, we all know this scam ruins Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and others. Social Networks have become anything but a corporate stomping ground as Google+ is showing signs of this too being bombarded by bots, and all those inglorious motherfuckers you’ve mentioned. I use a system so powerful in connecting the dots of say someone I hate so much I would put a bullet through you just to kill them. Yes, I have much hatred towards only a handful of people. I told you about a couple of fucking nitwits who are your friend that are unknowingly sabotaging you by feeding said person with data about you. I love the Counter-Counter-Intelligence game, and played this since my beginning years in the USAF. Two of these people you have personally requested I unblock them.

    Fuck, and they don’t even know why…

    Am I really your friend?
    Am I really your enemy?
    Or am I something different who strives for a unilateral annihilation from both sides?
    How in the hell are you going to know?
    My actions speak louder than any words. My talents, my work, they stand upon their own merits as I move on to better myself exponentially.

    There is no doubt in my mind that you are speaking about some people I know as well, two are on my list as “followers” and the others I have on my “Assholes Ready to Die” list, or ARDL. My ARDL is a private list help filtered by my paid system utilizing the same sort of algorithms as the NSA or the CIA does and have been doing for quite some time. The system pretty much does all the covert stuff for me and then brings it to my attention.

    Laura couldn’t believe all the juvenile bullshit, and then I showed her the real serious stuff that my data-mining has been gathering only to be turned over to the proper authorities here in America, again in the UK, and new ones in France.

    As you know, I had up to 79K following and now I am around 51K on Twitter. People who have less than 500 tweets and have been on only 2 years gets theirs too. People associated with my ARDL – Level II are now being tracked by the authorities and such practices of mine makes it all too fucking easy.

    My gramps said, and I’ll translate this in English, “If you sleep with dogs, you will get fleas, and ticks. You will be counted as one among them.”

    Never truer words spoken.

    These “negative” things people attempt to stave off will say in their rationale, “It doesn’t matter what the trolls and haters say, bad press is good press.”

    Only if that were really true, Gillian, I would be seeing you on stage at my next concert I would be going.

    People, your friends who claim they know you, most of which are not really your friends but social elements who may have spent much time with you, and you them. Then out of the blue, comes some rabid dog saying shit about you to these friends and these friends, they make a vile snap judgment that it’s so ludicrous in the first place and these simple-minded motherfuckers being hoodwinked in weighing all the time spent with you and then in a moments notice believe the Antagonist and his or hers playing your friends out like a fine harp from hell…

    As I have said to you, as you, and others like you that gain notoriety by others in the field of your hard work, you don’t have to worry about what the world thinks about you personally, its none of your business and a waste of your time. Friends will come and go, Gillian, and if you only have five people hating you — Then you need to find a positive way to piss off an additional five by tomorrow!

    Actions of people are their true sign of what they are. Never words, never feeling, nor thought shared — But by their deeds we shall know them all.

    Love always,


    1. Dougie, You are a true Realist and I absolutely adore you!!!! Well said, you are my dear friend and vigilant against the bullshit in the world. You bring forth much support and are a genuine human being..There is much the world does not know about how much of a giving heart you possess and it is their loss of know such a tremendous man!!! I’ll stand beside you at the gallows whilst we put down the rabid and venomous vile liars of the above ground world. xoxoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes!! This is so awesome and true…I just deleted over 250 on twitter recently! No eggs but like foreign and retail people who had followed but I knew I’d never be interactive with! The weeding out and cleaning up has got to be done and watched…too much bullshit and too many dickheads out there in cyber world! Love you Jilly ❤ great work


  3. I unfollow over 200 people each day. Avoiding bots and eggs is fairly easy, but I can’t believe how many “buy Twitter followers” accounts are out there. Damn! I actually don’t mind foreign language accounts because Google Translate isn’t that bad, and I’ve met some cool people.

    Other than that, I’m truly grateful for the cool and talented people like you I’ve met over the years.

    Write on, Sister Jilly!


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