A Letter to the Stalking Trolls


You know I have to sit and literally laugh my ass of sometimes.

So, I recently found out that I have a couple of stalkers and trolls who, for whatever reason feel the undying need to spy on me from the shadows under a few different names and see how I manage to be one of the positive influencers through social media and gain popularity along with my peeps and peers.  They are dying to know who I socialize with who is in my inner circle.  What business dealings I have going on and how I’m doing it.

I am baffled…and histaricaly laughing on a regular basis. It doesn’t anger me in the least that they spend so much of their waking hours to the point of exhaustion on little old me and my friends.  Getting all flustered and angry and having tantrums with their inner circle, small though it may be.  I’m truly laughing while typing this cause this shit is funny as hell.

You see it’s like this folks, just be satisfied with what you are doing in your own little spot in the world. Don’t concern yourselves with what Jane and John Doe are doing.  So what, they’ve got it going on.  Maybe you trolls don’t and that is what drives you into the trolling business.  Are you really that miserable with yourselves?   Does your life really suck that much?  Are you ignoring your own off-spring and significant other just so you can sit at your computer for endless unproductive hours in a day?

Maybe someone should create a Trolls-R-Us Intervention on you before you wind up in the psychiatric hospital for wayward trolls.  I mean trying to fit a troll in a straight-jacket is going to be rather difficult and how would you type then?  Doctor Snotehmheizer would have to come and check on you hourly to make sure you haven’t hung yourself with your bed linens.   Then pump you full of glow in the dark medicines just for fun.  OH, as a matter of fact, here comes the Doctor now with your bedtime story…..

Your dismal abyss is a very dark place

and you’re so lost you can’t even feel it.

You drive yourself mad to the point of collapse

The rest of us don’t even see it.

We carry along with a smile on our faces

while you moan and groan in your very own feces.

What a sad little soul is the life of a troll

no one cares you even exist.

You couldn’t fight your way out of brightly lit room

with a map and a tour guide to show you.

We all sit here laughing in high happy gloom

while you sit in room gnawing your fist.

We’ll type up a storm and continue our norm

While you troll the websites for your next internet tryst.

We point and we laugh as you snarl and you spit

and wallow around in your own pile of shit.

We thank you

We truly do

For knowing we have seeped under your skin

without doing a thing

It’s quite an empowering feeling

knowing we sanction your insanity commissions

The undertaking is rather appealing.



Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013


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