Devious Departed


This evening

I will be showing you

my skillful use of underhanded tactics

to achieve

the most odious act

you’ve ever been witness to.

We will get to the unpleasantries soon

I assure you.

It will be quite unpardonable

once sustained by you.

Perhaps I shall take a longer

and less direct path than most.

Let’s ride the roundabout shall we.

The park is dark at night

and won’t be open for months yet.

Are you fearful of rides?

you need not be of this one.

It can be utterly distressing

perhaps a bit traumatic

but the sheer sudden feeling

of excitement and pleasure

will leave us

in a complete emotional state.

Although mine

may be an especially

vague or irrational one.

Showing emotion or sensitivity

is not one of my robust traditions.

Pardon the barbs

they tend to impale

oh, sorry

I mean keep you in place better

rather than

leaving you freely

and less likely

to have you fly off the ride

once the speed picks up.

I can tell you

from taken many rides myself before

the sharp increase in the magnitude

of the thrill will be multiplied by ten.

Here we go

as we start to whirl around quickly.

It will be a brief trip

but the most hair-raising



fearsome ride

you’ve ever become acquainted with.

You did say

you were the bravest of the brave

I mean

after all

you are the Captain of the football team.

You won’t ever let some little tart

ever get the best of you.

You are the king

among all women at school right.

They all desire to be yours

is that not what you tell all your teammates?

Even if you have to take them by force

They won’t fight you off

you are far to strong

They won’t communicate the events of their

carnal abuse to anyone

as no  one would be in the opinion

that they were speaking of the truth.


You’re whimpering

what’s wrong?

It hurts?

Oh my

you’re trying to struggle

don’t do that

the barbs will rip you to pieces.

“I’m sorry!”

Sorry for what?

you silly boy

Oh, I see

you have a rather large gash in your torso

I’m glad

it was pulled apart rather forcefully

Now you know

what those poor innocent girls felt

when you so maliciously

thrust yourself inside them.

Look at that blood flow out

in a delicious rapid plentiful stream.

I am almost lustful with delight.

Another tear

and another


your skin is quite flimsy

for such a brawny lad.

I would have expected more fight

from you.

What’s that you say?

“Please, stop this!”

Dear boy

I can not

you came here

expecting to overtake me

have your way with me

I’m sorry you felt me a target

but you see

I’ve planned this


a very lengthy month

or three.

what’s that you say?

We’re not alone?


I know

this night does need an audience

don’t you think?

all these beautiful girls

have become thread-bare and frayed

due to your actions.

I felt it only fair

they observe your demise.

My, My

your throat

has been lacerated

rather badly.


shall we give a moment of silence?


Jeers of




and Split.

Sorry love,

they’re just not feeling

any deep distress for you.

they are rather bleak

unable to care

You ruined them

for that

you will pay

with your life.

Before your last heartbeat

I will remove your destructive rod of deceit.

With that the blade came down

She held it in the air

The ride stopped.

Devious was Departed.

Bloody wings by Godsaint9
Bloody wings by Godsaint9


By the Crimson Vaults 2014
By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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