Malicous Malicious Art Print
Malicious Art Print


that ugly beast

brings rage 

to all who allow it in.


A storm is slowly brewing

over tones and rumors flare

causing concern among the teens

who really are not aware.

Jealousy subdues the weakest

by stronger controlling souls.

A violent dream of revenge is birthing

in a deviant mind so cold.

A sociopath is becoming

which ensnared a bewildered girl

perplexed by inner turmoil

lured in by a child of hell.

Badly wanting to fit in

acceptance is the goal

seeking comfort 

from a vengeful being

with an unforgiving soul.

A volition of trickery

coaxing her into the car.

Driven out into the darkness

now they are taking things to far.

A night of terror

was taking place

Malicious bitch

has taken this

to an unforgiving pace.

Beaten and tortured


this gang

of malevolent teens

perpetuate their heinous crime

which is now

a brutal murder scene.

Dispose of the crumpled body

before they get found out

out on a country road

casting any doubt.

The girls body is removed

 from the trunk

of the transporting car.

They douse her corpse

in two litres of gasoline

siphoned from the car.

A lit match engulfs the body

still living when it lights up.


noticed from the fire-pit

the girl is not quite dead

the vengeful one grabs a bat

and bashes in her head.

Relighting the fire to burn the corpse

only one can feel her screaming

caught up

in what should never have been

Her tears are freely streaming.

You know why you’ve been summoned here

the Detective said to them

we all know where you were that night

the girls now feeling fear

death penalty on the table

cause the others to spill the beans.

Spare our lives, we’ll tell you all

it wasn’t our idea.

Confessions come in waves of tears.

Arrests are being made.

A funeral is held 

for the once beautiful

Patricia Adelaide.

Five teenage lives are over

it really is a shame.

Caught up in the maliciousness

that never should have been.

The moral to this fiction

is as plain as it can be.

Teenagers need to stand tall 

against every bully they ever see.

Don’t let something like this ever happen for real.

It’s Time




By the Crimson Vaults 2014
By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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