Night of the Creeper


Halloween night, Calvin is padding around in his quarters. restless with a sinister look on his face and mad thought running through his mind.

“I need to get out of here, why do they insist on keeping me in this confine ?”

He lays down back on his bed , both arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling, watching flickers of dust dance around the room.  Suddenly, he jumps up.

“That’s it, I’m going out”

Had he known what was to come, he would have chosen to throw a film into the DVD player and roughed it out in the quiet confine of his cozy quarters.

“Winifred fetch my keys would you?”

No reply

“That’s odd, she always answers in a jiffy when called upon”

Hearing no response he trots down the staircase.  “There’s no lights on, where is everyone?”  Assuming they managed to be invited out for the evening he grabs his keys and steps out into the car park.   “Only one vehicle left for me to drive, I guess it’s going to be the Volvo.”

The roads are dark, foggy and winding not quite what I planned for but what the hell, something is waiting for me this night I know it, waiting for me in the darkness.  These hillsides are steep but I have driven them a thousand times at night before.   The fog however is a new twist, it is thick and leaving a heavy mist on the windshield, he says to himself.

On the way he picks up his girlfriend, Janelle, and they’re headed off to a party about 20 miles away.  She’s looking rather hot tonight, dressed like Elvira, mistress of the Dark.  Her ample bosom is busting forth like it has been inside a confine for far to long.  “She must have squeezed those things in there with duct tape and twine.  That outfit is glued to her like it’s her own skin.  Not really much to my forte but I know my ego will be fed in large sums when the rest of the men at the party are looking at her like a piece of steak, while I know she’s coming home with me.”

The Party was the usual, a bunch of socialites getting drunk and the women insulting each other and the men trying to prove who’s top dog.  After 4 hours Calvin had just about enough and decided that he and Janelle should make their exit.

As they drove down the road there was a massive amount of tension for some reason.  Suddenly a flash of a dark figure appears on the middle of the road and there is a loud screeching of the tires and he loses control of the car, there’s a massive crash through a brick wall , down head over teakettle, Janelle is thrown from the car and Calvin’s face smashes through the windshield.  Then darkness…


Janelle is awake in hospital battered and bruised but Calvin has suffered massive facial injuries that will need total facial reconstruction and he is now in a coma.

Several weeks later, Calvin finally opens his eyes. The facial reconstruction now done and healing has begun to set in. When the Doctor is called in to check on him they discover that Calvin has lost his memory and he is terrified.  Janelle is right there by his side being completely supportive and trying to help him with his memories.

 After many weeks of recovery and painful therapy he is getting close to coming home. They both lay in his hospital bed looking at old photos and trying to rekindle romantic feelings of a vacation they took to the Cayman Islands.  They make love and memories of crashing waves come over him like a vivid nightmare.  He thinks things may come back to him in time.  He is now optimistic and strong enough to check out of the hospital.

The next morning they leave the hospital and head home to the countryside.  Upon arrival nothing looks familiar and  Calvin is eerily frightened.  As he’s walking through the house with Janelle the phone rings and she stops to answer it.  It’s a friend checking up on your arrival home she says.  “Go ahead and take a look around and see if anything jogs your memory, I’ll be right with you.”  As he continues to walk through the house things are quiet, he comes to a room with a full length mirror.  Flashbacks engulf him into confusion, he panics and smashes the mirror to bits with his walking cane.  Janelle flies into the room and comforts him.  Together they decide to travel to the accident site.

“You know the greatest thing about amnesia?”  What’s that Janelle says.  “After 9 years I get to fall in love with you all over again.”  She smiles and they embrace for what seems like forever.

Some hours later Calvin is rifling through the drawers in his office and comes across some suspicious photos of Janelle with another man.  He quickly hides them back in his drawer without a word to Janelle.  He sits there utterly confused for the longest time trying to put it out of his mind but out of the corner of his eye the dark figure appears and says you must remember and disappears as quickly as it appeared.  Now he thinks he’s lost his mind.  He heads down stairs to Janelle who is in the kitchen preparing dinner and informs him that their best friends are coming round to welcome him home and help him with his memory.

While they all say their hello Calvin can’t help but wonder about the pictures he’d found in his desk drawer but still says nothing to any of the others about them.  Carl insists that Calvin needs to get back to work and find some normal function in his life, “Beside my man, things around the office just haven’t been the same with you gone you know.”

After supper the men go off into the other room and let the women do the tidying up.  Carl tells Calvin that he and Janelle had a massive fight the night of the party and they were talking about splitting up.  Just before the conversation got any further Carl’s wife enter’s the room and says she wants to steal keeper for a minute.  Sure Carl says, I’ll catch up with Janelle and you two can have a chat.  They step outside and head for a walk on the beach.  Carol asks Calvin if he remembers the Hilltop Inn and a man named Jack Winston who drove a red Carmen Gia and does he remember seeing Janelle with Jack.  Calvin stops dead in his tracks, “what do you mean Carol?” Calvin, she says, are you sure that accident was just an accident. Did Janelle fall out of the car or did she jump?  Now Calvin is completely confused.

The next day he takes a quiet trip to the Hilltop Inn to ask about this Jack person.  He meets Manuel at the front desk who recognizes the man in the picture Calvin shows to him and after some coaxing with many bills, Manuel says yes to knowing the man in the picture as one Jack Winston, who frequents the Inn.  After thanking Manuel, Keeper turns to leave and Manuel says Calvin say hello to your beautiful girlfriend for me.  More puzzled then before he walks away and drives back home.


After taking a day off from the office Calvin realizes he’s come across another clue which takes him to a flower shop where he apparently spent $9000.00 to the owner who turns out to be a Private Investigator who he hired prior to the accident to follow Janelle and take pictures of her with this Jack Winston.  Making his concerns about the affair and the accident intensify. He heads over to visit The PI , who recommends he just go home and renew his relationship with Janelle because things are good right now.  But after looking at the pictures Calvin starts experiencing horrible flashbacks that are creating more and more doubt and confusion in his mind.

On his way home he stops at Carol’s, where Carol tells him that Janelle is sick and needs a shrink, not him.  She tells him that this Jack is still around and that Janelle hasn’t told the truth a day in her life, especially since the accident.  Then she puts the moves on Calvin and tells him they were lovers before the accident and wants to make love like old times.  That they were planning to be together.  After he tells Carol that he has no memory of that ever happening Carol freaks and throws him out.


The next day Calvin goes into work and asks Carl to buy him out so he can take some much-needed time off.  Carl agrees.  As he’s packing up the PI shows up and tells him there is no way he could have received the facial injuries he had if he was driving the car and believes that Jack and Janelle arranged it.  He has also discovered that someone sent a fax from Calvin office 5 hours after the accident and that Janelle had discharged herself 2 1/2 hours after she was admitted to hospital. The PI said don’t you see they tried to kill you, what makes you think they won’t try again. After Hearing this Keeper freaked out and trashed his office.

When he got home he pretended to take a nap and over hears the housekeeper tell Janelle that she received a call from Jack.  Janelle almost faints and leaves the house in a hurry.  Rather than take his own car, Calvin borrows the house Calvin’s car and tails Janelle to the Country club near the boat docks and sees Janelle get on old fishing boat.  He follows her down beside the docks and sees her running away crying so he climbs down to where she came from, an old tool hut falling apart, full of water leading to an underground shelter.  When he opens the door he can smell something horrible; death.  All he could make out was rats and an old barrel.  He left even more confused as before.

The next day Calvin made a visit to the PI and finds out that his company owns all that property he was at the day before.

Carol shows up at Calvin’s  and tells him that Jack has contacted Janelle trying to meet up with her and leaves just as quickly as she arrived leaving him standing there stunned.  By now Calvin has had enough he goes over to the PI’s and the wild goose chase begins to find Jack.  The PI intercepts a phone call that Jack is meeting Janelle at the Hillside Inn.  They quickly driver over and stake out the Inn trying to get a glimpse of Jack.  After 20 minutes a red Fiat pulls up to the front doors of the Inn and out gets Jack, the PI starts snapping pictures and suddenly as he arrives, Jack jumps back into the car and peels out of the Inns parking lot.  The two follow him to a dirt road leading into the woods.  Jack fires two shots and takes off.  The chase is on right up until Keeper and the PI crash into a tree.  With their car now no longer driveable they make their long trek out of the woods.  On the way out Calvin decides he’s going to talk to Janelle and find out what went wrong with them.

After finally making it home, Calvin has a long hot shower and made a hot cup of tea.  Just as he was trying to relax Jack’s Fiat pulled up and he enters the house and goes up to the bedroom.  Calvin grabbed a gun from his drawer and snuck up behind Jack.  “Freeze, don’t you move”  Jack pulls of his hood and a wig to reveal , oh my god, Janelle? “What the hell are you doing?”  “Calvin wait, it’s not what you think.  I’ve been covering for you to protect you sweet heart, from your own memory.  Don’t you see someone’s been trying to play a rotten game with us?” she sighs ” Thank god you are destroying that boat property tomorrow, after that we should be fine.”  Calvin suddenly becomes dizzy and drops to the floor, unconscious.  Horrible nightmares…….

As he comes to, the phone rings, it’s Carol ” You have to come over here right now” the phone goes dead.  With his panicked renewed he calls the PI and bolts over to Carol’s.  When he gets there the lights are all out and the door is open as are all the windows in the living room.  Hesitant to enter he enters cautiously and finds Carol on the living room floor in a pool of blood, dead.  In walks the dark figure brandishing a gun, he forces Calvin to sit down and lights a cigarette.  “You and I mate; we’re going for a drive down to your boat property.

When they arrive the dark figure forces Calvin out of the car and down to the damp storage room and over to an old oil drum.  He forces Calvin to remove the lid.  Inside they find the body of a man but when he is forced to lift it he sees his own face on the dead man, drops it and tumbles backward to the ground.  After being smacked to by the dark man he tries to remember….

The dark man yells at him “You Must remember who you are!”

Janelle! Oh god, she was in a horrible fight with him the night of the party.  He had her tied up down here.  “I followed them, she got loose and clubbed him over and over, there was blood everywhere.  She had planed to blame it on me, have me take the fall.  When she came out of that room she knew that I saw what she’d done.  We fought in the car on the way back and it went off the road.  She was driving she jumped out of the car before it crashed through the cement barrier and went down the embankment.”

The dark figure stepped over Keeper, “what else did she do Calvin?”

“She, “Oh god , what has she done?!” “My face, it’s his face!,  Who the hell am I?!”

The tall figure stood before Calvin’s feet.  “Had I not been around to follow you and clean up some of the messes dear brother, you would be a wanted man by the authorities by now.  But I am your night creeper, I hide in the darkness mate and know how to stalk.  I helped you become Calvin; Jack do you see now?, who you are?”

Jack! I’m Jack.

“You know me as the Silent one, they call me Shadow”


I, CRIMSON QUINESSENCE (artist unknown)
(artist unknown)
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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