Creepers by Crimson Quintessence


Jeepers Creepers

open your peepers

come on inside

and experience

our features

come right in 

step right up

feast your

eyes on our

scarlet filled cup.

We have


to show you

should we

get to know you


come on in

and allow us

to thrill you.

Come under

our dome

it will become

your new home

with all the best


we perfect all of our


If blood


and splatter

are what you

are after

step on up




we’d tell

you his name

but it really

won’t matter.

He’s quite

the entertainer

he produces

much splatter

enough to tackle

even the toughest 

brain matter.



we are done


the night

has begun

we’ll darken

our blades

and bleed

just for fun

Not Satisfied yet?

You’re panties

aren’t wet?

We’ll throw in

some erotica

for your



my pet.

Bed times stories

that will

cure many ills


inside you


your savory

sweet syrup


and spills.

You see

we are

the Creepers

of all Jeepers

you know,

We hide

in the darkness

and prepare

a great show.

When it is time


let ourselves go.

We thrill you

and chill you 

 as it’s our job

to do so.

There’s  much more

to see

from our


Please stick around

and we’ll reassure you.

There’s always something

that’s brilliant

and new

If you stick around

we’ll even add

an incentive

or two.

We’ll tickle

your fancy

 widen each peeper

to achieve our goal

we will dig

so much deeper

Mortifying the living

and scaring the straits

we help raise the dead

on many of dates

There’s no premium

to pay 

to come play

for a day

Now we must go

 as we’ve given away 

enough of an invite

to all you this day.

From the blackest of souls

we bid you adieu

and hope you’ll stop by

or a moment or two.



Crimson Quintessence


I Welcome you!



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2015

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