Storm Affect



Internal surges

Anger and frustration

can drive us mad at times

It is what we do with them

that makes all the difference

In the storm affect our emotions kick into overdrive

giving us complete feelings

of being lost




physical pain

Let them take over

you will watch yourself drain

Grab hold of them

harness them

become stronger than ever

Don’t let yourself wallow

making you hollow

Reach out


let it all out

Clouds come and go

they are always in motion

Tides in and out

like waves in the ocean

when they get close

you feel crowded


don’t feel like talking

but it’s okay

to have feelings like this

you’re not alone

in this mind-spinning twist

Reach out and touch

one soul just like you

and get through the storm

feeling brand new

The whole idea is not to ignore it

but fight against it

learn how to grab hold

there’s no shame in admitting

you need help to unfold

your inner emotions

so they don’t take control

Let go of the anger

you feel deep inside

Release it

take a breath of fresh air

realize there is someone

to show you they care

don’t sulk

don’t hide

don’t lock yourself away

Let the world know you’re here

and you’re here to stay

The storm has blown over

Today’s a new day.
I, CRIMSON QUINESSENCE (artist unknown)
(artist unknown)
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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