She waits

 Perched upon a thick wooden bench

 Concealed in darkness

 She knows what she will do to him

Just as clock-work he appears

She memorized his path home

She springs out before him

Stopping him in his tracks

Edging closer, she has her hands on his throat

there’s no time for him to react

He remembers her

Remembers what he did

He will not escape this night

 Raising a strong limb as she bears her blades

They glimmer in the moonlight

Down they come with the force of a thunderous wave

Piercing his flesh

She drags them across his jaw line

 Splitting it wide open

Trickles of blood cascade down his neck

She has a need that cannot be reformed and he knew not to touch

But his arrogance led him to defy such odds and now he must pay

for the horrific wounds he carved upon her dark physique

 She shall split his mid-section in twain

Salivating in servitude of her scars and pain

Clandestine barbarity

Her retribution

That horrible night

 His breath on her neck turned her eyes scarlet red

How dare he think he can touch as if it were his entitlement

This brings iniquitous feelings from the pit of her soul

Her eyes quickly blacken, her blood boils

Detestation rises within her core

She burns in vexation

This night her hands grip his bones as they crackle feeling her odium

 Not certain how long she can contain her inner rampage

 She longs for its release

She needs to strike

Over and over

His sadden eyes sink back into his skull

He releases his bladder as she runs her hand around the back of his neck and grabs hold of his hair

She steps into him and run her nose up his scarlet stained neck

She steps forth and takes in a deep breath

 He smells of whiskey and fear

 She likes this, it is intoxicating

With force she bites, tearing the flesh from his collar-bone

 She hungers and wants to tear out his right kidney

 Her hand quivers in hesitancy but the darkness consumes her and she must

It is done

After his death she sits with a crooked smile, transfixed on his corpse

Trails of blood saturating the ground around him

Proud of herself knowing he will never touch another woman the way he felt he was entitled to touch her again

Her retribution has set her free.



Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults since 2014

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