She paid you a visit last night while you slept

She stoked your hair and kissed your neck and placed a gentle hand over your heart

You felt her whispers in your ear, always remember how adored and needed you forever will be

Never forget her embrace which found you when it was needed the most

The simplest of gestures that mattered in the darkest of moments when you were so battered

In dreams she is the sweetest scent that surrounds the air you breath

She brings a gentle smile to your face and puts a warmth in your heart.

One physical touch would seal the deal

Souls would mesh together and never would part

The longing that’s felt grows stronger each day when you feel that her essence will soon fade away

Reach back to the light before it is gone

Remember the soul’s food  to always live on.

Through radiance and love it will carry us through

to a peaceful existence for the coming years new.

For all who are Beloved to another, never forget what a real true soul’s light brings.

When fun and fantasy consume you always remember….

where were those playthings in your darkest hours.

How much of their souls would they be willing to give for another at any sacrifice to themselves…

Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014
Protected By the Crimson Vaults 2014

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Thank you for Visiting with love JillyG

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