She gazes into your eyes

 tells you she loves you

You believe her

because of the way she looks at you

Your appetite craves

the way she seems to always know

what you want before even you do

She knows your vitals

How much you put into knowing her

counts for how much of herself she gives to you

Most will never openly admit it

but she will always compare you to lovers past

You see she wants

 needs to know how much of herself

she is willing to invest in you.

She examines and takes note

Do you put her over and above everything else

Or do you shelve her until it suits you

Do you honestly listen to her when she speaks

Or is it for show to get what you need from her

Do you wonder what she sees in you

Or do you not care to know

What is the first thing she notices

Is it your hands, your face, your posture

Are you seeing her in her own beauty

or are you still scanning the room for something else

while you stand there and have a conversation with her

When you take her out do you spend your time with her 

Or do you wander around chatting up everyone else

and leave her sitting alone

Are you drawn to her passion, her essence, her ora

Do you long for her when she is not near

Do you embrace her every day

Do you compliment her always

Do you sit a look at her picture

Do you wish to be near her

Do you wish to touch

Do you give her your undivided attention

or keep it brief and disappear suddenly

Do you worry about her losing interest

Do you care at all.

Life is short

The Beauty of Soul can hurt

Find a way back

She is resilient and will bring herself back to Life


Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013

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