Men, The other species

Women have come to figure that men are weird puzzles to solve.

First let me clarify.   I work with predominantly an all male crew of mostly retired men.  The stories they come up with at work leave me either laughing in hysterics or sitting there scratching my head going wtf just happened there.   Let me tell you there is no holds barred when they speak either.   I have damn near fallen out of my chair on more than one occasion.

They are always thinking weird things and doing even weirder things, right?

This leaves women in such awkward positions ad we end up trying to make wild guesses of what we need to do next to keep their attention and focus on us.

Guys seriously!  We don’t like guessing games, we get bored fast.

Tip:  Focus on the active life-form in front of you!!!   Oh what a novel idea.

Knock some sense into your ego.  The two of you should really sit down and have a chat about what it is you really want before your end game comes and life has passed you by completely.

Men tend to spend less time plotting the course of their lives in terms of relationships.


They simply aren’t in the same mental space as women with how much thought they put into each relationship they’ve had.

Women examine and compare, men don’t and yes it’s that simple.

For men to reach the point that a total committed relationship is what they desire and will work at  they must experience an intense emotional attraction that causes them to feel less alive when they are not with or in touch with the woman who provides this experience.  Hold an emptiness within when there’s no contact.

It takes a man half his life-span to figure this out while women know this in their twenties.




Honestly, I have no solid proof other than to tell you a lot of men I have known in their forties finally get it and are now living with a sack-full of regrets that they didn’t figure this out 20 years ago.  it’s a nice theory.  But in my life-span I have yet to fully physically see this to be true.  Words are great but after all the proof is in the pudding now isn’t it.

Time will tell and if it does trust me I’ll be the first to pass on the knowledge.



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