The work day was long and stressful.

The drive home brought on only more stress.

When she walked through the door

she only had one thing on her mind.


The intense passion you feel

for the one you truly love

and would do anything for.

The unbreakable bond

connecting two souls

like no other.

It can not be toyed with or maimed,

although tests will be put forth,

strong souls can find ways to surround the hurt,

take away the pain,

throw forth a willingness 

to become strong

to own the will to reach deep inside

and find their very own core.

But tonight HEAT will be her hunger.

She longs for nothing more that to be taken in his arms,

stripped of her garments,

pushed up against the wall gently

and taken.

Minimal foreplay this time round.

The animal instinct deep within her core

just wants to get straight to it.

The stresses of the day have her mind out on the edge

and she is caged passion, dying to be released.

He hears her come through the door.

He knows her day has been rough,

They’ve talked several times.

He knows she will need comfort

and he is only so willing to offer that to her intensely.

When he sees her face he knows

today will not be an ordinary welcome home.

She drops everything right inside the doorway.

He is right in front of her.

He pulls her close with slight force and kisses her deeply.

Her hands immediately go up inside the back of his shirt.

She runs her finger tips down his spine

His signal, this is going to be intense and hot and oh hell yes!

I’m so down for this.

He rips off her jacket and throws it to the floor.

Grabs her round the back of the neck with one hand and grabs her ass cheek with the other

lifts her leg.

Up against the wall they go.

He presses into her hard and kisses her deep.

She is only to willing to accept it.

He slides his hands up the front of her shirt

lifts it over her ample bosom and over her head.

Kissing her with every ounce of his being.

She, in turn, does the same, pulling his shirt up and over his head,

only she stops short, just as it covers his eyes.

Another deep kiss moving over across his jaw-line to his neck and down to his collar-bone.

He almost can’t take it.

He pulls his head out of his shirt and spins her round, lifting her left arm over her head and he presses it against the wall.

His right hand grasping her breast running his fingers inside the lace up towards the strap.

He pulls it down, over her shoulder, kissing her all the way across to the nape of her neck, pushing himself into her from behind.

He runs his left hand down her arm and unfastens the clasps of the garment that’s housing her beautiful breasts.

They are released from their strong-hold and he finds them with both hands, massaging them gently, circling his finger tips around the nipples.

Breathing gets heavier and he trickles his right hand down the middle of her breast-plate to her naval and across the top lining of her pants finding the button.

He unfastens them and glides them over her hips, down her legs, to the floor.

She kicks out of them, his hand slides between her legs,  up and along the lining of her panties, in search of her creamy center.

Once located, he takes a gentle turn so as not to hurt her, swirls his fingers across her heated lips, finding entrance to her silky canal.


Intensity grabs hold of him once again and he spins her back around to face him,

looking deep into each others eyes they both know this is it.

Her lust takes over now, no time for slow actions here.

She quickly undoes his pants and with one swift glide they’re down and off.

He, in turn, duplicates the mission with her lace panties, down and off.

Hearts racing like a wild-fire, up against the wall.

He enters her.

Her nails are dug into his back.

His hands firmly gripping her ass, pulling himself deeper inside her.

He thrusts twice, but not to hurt, he holds himself inside her,

kissing her deeply, her mouth, her neck, taking the slightest of nibbles as they continue.

She reciprocates the same, taking him inside her, squeezing her inner core.

Each motion repeated until that explosive moment when fireworks go off and stars are seen.

Breath can barely be caught, pants, moans and sighs are all sounds heard.

Real ecstasy is reached by both, love is bound, souls are one.

The day is done.


Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013
Copy Right Protected by the Crimson Vaults 2013


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5 thoughts on “Heat

  1. Oh fuck yes..yes YES! Damn how will I make it home now lol just leaving work….and I’m all worked up! So good Jilly..hot, loving, sensual and exciting! My heart is pounding thinking of Him…how I wish he were waiting for me in that empty house I’m going home to! Great work love ♥


  2. nice work Sister :)I enjoyed this with my chocolate biscuits 🙂 certainly warmed what was in my hand,I meant my coffee 🙂 haha 🙂 AC x


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